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Is a High-Efficiency AC a Good Investment?

Monday, April 22nd, 2024


The technology of air conditioning systems has advanced tremendously during the 21st century. There are now AC units with energy efficiency that dwarfs what was available twenty years ago. A new mid-efficiency air conditioner can outperform older models, so if you have an AC that’s around 15 years old and ready for replacement, you’ll see an improvement in efficiency even if you decide to get a less expensive mid-efficiency model.

But what about investing in one of the best of the current high-efficiency units? It’s a good question to consider when you’re looking for a new air conditioning installation in Bergen County, NJ. We’d like to provide you with some additional information to help you think about this choice. When you’re ready to choose, make sure to work with our technicians for expert advice and the best service.

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Why You Should Consider a Ductless System Installation

Monday, May 29th, 2017

consider-ductless-system-installationSummer is just around the corner, and while we haven’t reached our warmest temperatures quite yet, now is definitely the time to look at different types of cooling systems, if you are considering a Ramsey, NJ AC installation. With plenty of time still ahead of you to prepare for the hotter months, we encourage you to upgrade your cooling system to a ductless mini-split. Read on to discover what these systems are and how one could be a huge advantage to you.

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4 Reasons That Professional AC Replacement is Critical

Monday, August 8th, 2016

As we near the final stretch of summer, you may have come to realize that it’s time to replace your air conditioning system. Many homeowners are tempted to replace their AC system all on their own. However, we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a professional, who is trained in this line of work, do this job.

You may also want to think twice about hiring an unlicensed “amateur” or general handyman to do the job. In almost all cases, they are going to lack the experience, tools, and certification to ensure that your AC installation is done correctly. Call one of the licensed HVAC professionals on our staff to having your cooling system installation done right the first time.

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Air Conditioner Installation Guide: Size Does Matter

Monday, May 11th, 2015

If you need a new air conditioner, either for a brand new installation or to replace an aging system, there are some steps you need to take before purchasing, and one of these steps is correct sizing. You may hear that to correctly size an air conditioner all that is needed is the square footage of your home; this simply isn’t true. There are a number of factors that are part of a cooling load calculation, and the only way to make sure that you install an AC that is the right size for your home is to do this calculation correctly, using all the needed factors. When you work with an expert from DB Heating & Cooling, we will help you make this calculation as part of our air conditioning installation process. So what are the factors that have to be considered? Here is an overview:

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3 Reasons You Need Your Air Conditioning Installation Done Professionally

Friday, May 9th, 2014

You’ve put a lot of effort into making your home comfortable. Adding an air conditioning system can increase that comfort level tremendously – when it’s done correctly. When it’s not, you may run into some serious problems. Below are 3 important reasons to have an air conditioning installation in Oradell done professionally by a DB Heating & Cooling expert.

Top 3 Reasons to Call an Expert

Reason 1: Correct Installation

An air conditioning/HVAC system is not a simple mechanical device; it is complex, with multiple different components and many different parts. It needs refrigerant to run and has to be tied into your electrical and heating systems. The bottom line:  the margin for error can be wide – and potentially dangerous – when installing your own AC; the smarter, and potentially more economically sound decision, is to schedule an expert installation.

Reason 2: Time Consumption

A new air conditioning system installation takes time, and if you’ve never done this kind of work before, it can take a lot of time. How much time are you prepared to give up in order to properly install your air conditioning system? Are you willing to let your home be potentially hot and uncomfortable while you do it? A trained professional brings both expertise and speed to a new air conditioner installation, ensuring that the install happens quickly and correctly.

Reason 3: Calculating the Correct Air Conditioner Capacity for Your Property

Installing an air conditioner that is either too large or too small for your home can result in a number of problems that may require air conditioning repair down the road. To ensure you are getting the right size system for your property, a calculation of your home’s size, insulation and heat gain needs to be determined.  A professional AC installer does this type of calculation as part of his/her job, so it’s better to let an experienced specialist handle it.

Save Money with a Professional

DB Heating & Cooling offers air conditioning installation in both residential and commercial properties.

Let us help you with your air conditioning installation in Oradell, and help you save some money at the same time – schedule a consultation with DB Heating & Cooling today.

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When is a Good Time to Schedule an Air Conditioning Installation in Oradell, NJ?

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

We all want our air conditioning systems to last forever, and a regular maintenance schedule can extend the life of your AC a great deal. There comes a time, however, when even the most durable air conditioning system needs to be replaced. Installing a new AC system can help lower your bills by improving efficiency, as well as offering potential features that your current system doesn’t. The question becomes when to schedule an air conditioning installation?

Obviously, the sooner you schedule an air conditioning installation, the more quickly you’ll benefit from the improved efficiency. And if your old AC unit conks out in the middle of a heat wave, you need to get the new system up and running as quickly as possible. But assuming you have the luxury of time and can plan for an installation at your leisure, you probably don’t want to schedule the procedure in the summer time. You want a new AC system installed and ready to go by the time the first heat wave arises, not in the middle of July when it’s already here.

By that logic, one might assume that the fall is the best time of the year to schedule an installation. The heat of summer is over and there’s plenty of time left until the temperature starts rising again. However, early spring becomes is also an opportune time to schedule an air conditioning installation. The snows of winter have melted but the temperatures are not yet high enough to necessitate daily use. If problems arise, you will likely notice them before an excessive amount of time has passed. If you want to schedule a new air conditioning installation in Oradell, NJ, call DB Heating & Cooling to do the job right. Our trained experts will handle all the details and set an installation schedule that works with yours.

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Ensuring a Successful Westwood, NJ Air Conditioning Installation

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioning system, then you may not know where to begin. The sheer diversity of types and brands of air conditioners can make the process seem daunting, to say the least. Yet, with the right advice and level of professional workmanship, you can ensure that your new AC is a complete success. In this post, we’d like to go over some ways that you can make this happen. Call DB Heating & Cooling today for comprehensive Westwood, NJ air conditioning installation services.

  • Professional quality: Your AC is a complex piece of machinery. It uses plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems to effectively and efficiently remove heat from your home and send cool air throughout your home. But in order to make this a reality, you need to ensure that you hire a certified professional to install your new AC. Only a trained, skilled, and experienced technician knows how to make sure that all the components are properly connected and that the right amount of refrigerant circulates throughout your coils and compressor.
  • Size: The size of your AC is of critical importance. Don’t settle for anything less than an exact match. If your AC is too large, then it may turn on and off frequently and this can cause inefficient cooling and high energy bills. However, if it is not large enough, and is, in fact, undersized, then your AC will simply not be able to perform effectively on a consistent basis, and this can lead to increased wear and tear and even premature replacement. Your new AC is a large investment of your time and resources, so make sure you hire a pro who can match one to your home.
  • Additional upgrades: While you’re at it, you may want to consider several cost-effective upgrades so that you can get the most out of your system right off the bat. Installing a programmable, digital thermostat will make it easier to read and set the temperature, and it will also allow you to customize your indoor climate according to your schedule. That way you can save energy without sacrificing comfort.

Call DB Heating & Cooling today for excellent Westwood, NJ air conditioning installation services. 

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Waldwick Air Conditioning Tip: What is the COP and Why Is It Important?

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

If you’ve been researching air conditioners in Waldwick, you’ve probably seen all sorts of numbers associated with each model. One of these numbers is the Coefficient of Performance (COP). While it’s good to gather as much data as you can before you make a purchasing decision, you also need to know what that data means if it’s going to help you make the best selection possible.

Measuring COP

Calculating the COP for any air conditioning model is relatively simple. The number you see displayed on the box is the ratio of energy input to cooling output. For the most part, the air conditioners you’re probably been looking at have a COP of between 2.5 and 4.0, although newer models are beginning to appear with COPs of up to 5.0.

The higher the COP, of course, the more efficient the air conditioner, so it makes sense to take this number into account when you’re making your purchase. You should also keep in mind, though, that the COP is not a constant measurement. The warmer it is outside, the lower your unit’s COP will be. However, this is standard across all units, so a relative COP comparison is still a viable evaluation method.

If you’re not sure what COP you should look for or whether a lower number will be effective for your home (especially if you only need to cool a small space), you should talk to a Waldwick air conditioning professional who can help you match the right COP level to your particular living space.

Improving Efficiency

While it’s always a good idea to get an air conditioner with the best energy efficiency ratings possible, that’s not the only thing you can do to reduce your energy usage and keep your cooling costs down. For instance, there are plenty of ways to keep your home naturally cooler without even turning on the air conditioner.

Even when you do need to flip it on, anything else you can do to reduce the indoor temperature will make it easier for your Waldwick air conditioner to keep your house comfortable. So put up some awnings, run the ceiling fan and close the blinds to block out that harsh afternoon sun. The more you can do to reduce your indoor temperature naturally, the less your air conditioner will have to do, and the lower your cooling costs will be. For more information about how to improve your air conditioning system’s efficiency, give DB Heating & Cooling, Inc. a call!

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