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Air Quality Issues and Your Air Conditioning in Emerson, NJ

Monday, July 29th, 2013

All of the cool air that comes into your home has to travel through your air conditioning system. This means that your air conditioning system is an ideal device to make an impact on your home’s air quality. However, the impact is not always a good one. Here at DB Heating & Cooling, we wanted to put together a few of the ways that your AC can affect your air quality and what you can do to make sure that it helps improve the quality of the air the you breathe.

Modern homes are built very air tight so that they can keep as much of the heated or cooled air inside of them. While this is great for efficiency, it can allow many different types of contaminants to build up in your home because of the lack of fresh, clean air from outside. Many different kinds of pollutants can get trapped in your home’s air including dust, pet dander, bacteria, pollen, insect droppings and many others. These can cause respiratory issues for your family—especially if any of them suffer from allergies or asthma.

So what can you do to improve your Emerson, NJ home’s air quality? There are a number of different products on the market that are designed to help you remove pollutants from your air and also prevent them from even getting into your home.

  • Air filters One of the best ways to remove pollutants from your air is to use an air filter. These types of products sit in your ducts or your air handler and trap particles as they pass through the filter. There are many different kinds of air filters and there are also air purifiers that you electrostatic electricity to remove particulates from your home’s air.
  • Duct sealing One major source of air pollutants is holes in your ducts. If your ducts are old or if they weren’t installed properly, they could be allowing many types of outdoor contaminants to get inside your home. Getting your ducts sealed will keep them from getting in and it will also greatly improve the efficiency of your home.
  • Duct cleaning – Something that every homeowner should have done on a regular basis is regular duct cleaning. As your AC operates it will pick up any contaminants that happen to be in your ducts and circulate them through your air. Getting your ducts regularly vacuumed and sanitized is a great way to improve your air quality.

For all your installation, repair or maintenance services for your air conditioning in Emerson, NJ,  just call DB Heating and Cooling.

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Why Schedule Prompt Air Conditioning Repair in Westwood, NJ

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

We all lead busy lives filled with work and family, which sometimes means putting off problems that should be dealt with promptly. This is especially true with air conditioning repair. Muggy New Jersey summers means that a good AC system is absolutely vital, but unless the air conditioning shuts down completely, it may be tempting to defer a repair service call until a later date. In most cases, that’s a mistake. Prompt air conditioning repair is often the safer and less expensive option than leaving the problem for later.

The most obvious reason is to prevent a relatively small problem from getting worse. Air conditioning units require regular maintenance, just like any other piece of complex equipment. A worn or outdated part can be replaced with relative ease by a trained professional. If left unaddressed, however, that part can cause severe damage, as the air conditioning works harder to compensate and surrounding components run an increased risk of breakdown. For example, components like air filters and compensate collection pans usually only require a little periodic cleaning, but can result in significant damage if dirt or stagnant water are allowed to build up.

Then there’s the question of weather. You don’t want to be left without an air conditioner on a hot muggy day, and deferring a visit from a service technician might mean a breakdown at the worst possible time. Scheduling a visit on a comparatively cool day, on the other hand, means that any problems are addressed and your AC is functioning properly when the hot weather rolls around.

Simply put, running an air conditioning you know is in need of repair can easily result in more damage and higher bills, especially in places like Westwood, NJ in the height of summer. It may feel like you’re saving money, but in most cases, you’re just putting off a larger bill come due. For prompt air conditioning repair service in Westwood, NJ, call DB Heating & Cooling. We pride ourselves on courtesy and professionalism and our staff is on call 24 hours a day in case of emergency. Schedule an appointment today and get your air conditioning running sooner rather than later.

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Bergen County Air Conditioning Tips: Benefits of Custom Ductwork

Monday, July 15th, 2013

If you already have a forced-air distribution system, or are thinking that you may need for your home construction project, then you probably already realize the important role that air ducts play in distributing cool air from your air conditioning system. But when it comes to ductwork, you need to make sure that yours fits your home exactly. Because of the impact that they have on your cooling effectiveness and efficiency, you should consider having custom ductwork installed in your home. In today’s post, we’d like to look more closely at some of the benefits of professionally installed custom ductwork. Call DB Heating & Cooling today for all of your Bergen County air conditioning services.

  • Cooling performance: In a forced-air distribution system, you need to make sure that all of your components are working well throughout the summer months. One of the downsides to standard ductwork is that it often does not fit the unique design and layout of your home. Just like your AC, your ducts need to be professionally sized if they are to perform well. They need to be able to extract and return air to your living space constantly.
  • Energy efficiency: Another benefit to having custom ductwork in your home is improved energy efficiency. Every square inch of your ducts contributes to the overall efficiency of your cool air distribution. But when your ducts are over- or under-sized, or make too many turns to fit into your home, it can lead to energy loss and airflow impedances.
  • Longevity: When you install a new HVAC system in your home or a major system replacement for your existing system, it’s a major undertaking, one that you want to be able to rely on for years to come. You need to make sure that your ductwork is in great shape year-in and year-out, particularly if you also use it for your heating in the winter. With custom ductwork optimized for the unique circumstances of your home, you can be sure that they will last.

At DB Heating & Cooling, we specialize in custom ductwork for our clients throughout the Bergen County area, whatever their air conditioning needs may be.

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Does this Noise Mean it’s Time for Air Conditioning Repair in Emerson, NJ?

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Your air conditioning system will make a variety of noises as it starts up, operates and shuts down. But if you start to hear any new or unfamiliar noises you may want to think about calling for air conditioning repair in Emerson, NJ. At DB Heating & Cooling, Inc.,  we often get called about our customers’ AC units making new noises. We thought it would be good to put together a few of the most common noises and what could be causing them.

  • Squealing – One of the most common, and also most annoying, noises that your air conditioner might start to make is squealing. This can be a high-pitched squeal or a low-pitched droning. Either way, this problem is usually caused by a bad fan motor belt that needs to be changed.
  • Hissing – If your air conditioning system is hissing you should definitely call air conditioning repair. Hissing usually is a sign that you have a refrigerant leak somewhere. Your air conditioning system uses compressed refrigerant to cool your home so if it is leaking it means that not only do you have insufficient refrigerant, but you also have insufficient pressure.
  • Gurgling – Another common noise is gurgling which is caused by low refrigerant levels. The gurgling is caused by air in the lines. This problem requires that a professional technician refill the refrigerant levels to their proper place.
  • Buzzing – If you have a heat pump that is buzzing it doesn’t necessarily mean that anything is wrong. This can be caused by the reversing valve solenoid. The reversing valve controls the direction of flow for the refrigerant. Heat pumps use these to reverse the flow of refrigerant so that they can provide both heating and cooling to your home.
  • Lack of noise – In some cases, silence could also be a problem. For example, if you only hear some components switch on then it likely means that something has gone wrong. This might happen if your outdoor fan motor starts up but the compressor’s motor doesn’t fire on.

If you need any kind of air conditioning repair in Emerson, NJ, make sure that you call the technicians at DB Heating & Cooling, Inc. today.

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Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July!

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

The 4th of July will forever hold a very special place in the history of the United States of America. On this day in 1776, the second Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence.

Not only is Independence Day an important day in our nation’s history, but for many people it is a day that is filled with memories from celebrations of years past. Fireworks, barbeques, baseball games, fairs, carnivals, patriotic music and ceremonies are all scattered through our memories as we’ve participated in annual parties, get-togethers, picnics and family gatherings throughout the years. John Adams, our 2nd president, was right when he said that our Independence Day “…ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.”

The 4th of July is truly a day to enjoy but also to remember and respect the sacrifice that many brave men and women made over 200 years ago to give us the freedom that we cherish today. However you celebrate Independence Day, make sure that you take a moment to remember what this day is really about.

We wish you a safe and happy 4th of July!

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