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Take Advantage of This Superior Indoor Air Quality Product

Monday, February 20th, 2017

indoor-air-quality-productThe air quality in Wyckoff may be in good condition now, but that can quickly change depending on weather conditions. And when the weather warms up again and starts getting more humid, you’ll have more to worry about than just a little discomfort—including mold and mildew. One area that this can build-up in is in the cool, damp environment of your air ducts.

This is reason enough to consider a Wyckoff, NJ UV germicidal light installation. Also called UV lights or a UV air purifier, UV germicidal lights effectively kill harmful microorganisms at the source—your air ducts. Keep reading to learn more about these systems and what they can do for your home and your health.

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Can UV Germicidal Lights Improve Your AC Performance?

Monday, June 27th, 2016

There are a number of exceptional indoor air quality products on the market today that help remove harmful contaminants from circulating through your home. One of the most powerful among these options is UV germicidal lights. These UV lights target microorganisms such as mold spores, bacteria, viruses, germs, and more.

The ultraviolet rays from this device, while safe for humans, effectively disrupt the cellular functions of the bacterial cells, killing them off and preventing them from spreading any further. While this has invaluable benefits for your health and indoor air quality, it’s also beneficial for your air conditioning system. But how?

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What Types of Contaminants Do UV Germicidal Lights Eliminate?

Monday, October 27th, 2014

Achieving the best indoor air quality for a home sometimes requires more than using mechanical air filters to trap contaminating particles. The ductwork in a house can collect biological pollutants that will lead to serious threats to the health and comfort of the people indoors—and standard filters and even electronic air purifiers will not do much good against these intruders.

Almost any home can start to develop biological contamination inside its HVAC system, usually because of high humidity. A dehumidifier is helpful for prevention, but when it comes to fully protecting your indoor air quality from biological pollutants, you will need to have installation of ultraviolent germicidal lights, also known as UV air purifiers. The professionals at DB Heating & Cooling are available to help you with installing UV germicidal lights in Paramus, NJ. Give them a call today.

What UV germicidal lights remove from your home

The concept of ultraviolet radiation to kill biological contamination originated with a Noble Prize-winning doctor at the turn of the century; the doctor discovered that the high frequency UV lights helped with treating tuberculosis. UV radiation strips away the nuclei of cells, killing the cells and preventing them from reproducing. Aside from its medical uses (UV germicidal lights are a basic part of modern hospital sanitation), this power kills off the following pest in a home’s HVAC system

  • Mold and mold spores: This is one of the most common dangers that can infiltrate a home’s ductwork. Some molds are harmless (although you still want to get rid of them because they can cause ductwork damage) but other send out toxic spores that lead to a variety of health issues. UV germicidal lights kill off both the mold and the spores.
  • Viruses: The same way the UV lights inside a ventilation system of a hospital help to prevent the spread of infectious viruses through the ducts, they can also eliminate viruses from moving through your home.
  • Bacteria: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognizes UV treatment as an effective way to eliminate harmful bacteria that can cause a number of illnesses. Most types of harmful microorganisms will not survive exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Let professionals evaluate your indoor air quality

Before you decide on installation of UV germicidal lights in Paramus, NJ, you should know exactly what is causing trouble for your indoor air. If you have trouble from molds, viruses, bacteria, or other harmful microorganisms, we will set you up with an effective UV air purifier to make your home safer. You can also rely on us for regular maintenance and any necessary repairs to keep the system running.

Call the experts at DB Heating & Cooling to find out what air quality issues you have, and then find the right system to eliminate them.

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Woodcliff Lake, NJ Indoor Air Quality Tip: What are UV Germicidal Lights

Monday, January 28th, 2013

At DB Heating and Cooling, we get a lot of questions about UV (ultraviolet) germicidal lights and how they can improve indoor air quality in Woodcliff Lake, NJ area homes.  Basically, these lights destroy harmful microorganisms in the ductwork and other components of your heating and air conditioning system. This keeps any airborne pathogens from spreading throughout your home.  Here’s how they work:

UV germicidal lights are also called UVGI systems, and they use an ultraviolet light to destroy the DNA of harmful organisms, thereby killing them and rendering them incapable of reproducing at the same time. While UV germicidal lights are Ideal for medical facilities, office buildings, hotels, and schools, they can also be used in residential applications. UVGI systems are a cost-effective way to improve indoor air quality, and they can be installed with most existing heating and cooling systems.

UV germicidal lights can destroy pollutants that the air cleaners don’t target, but when used alongside air cleaners, UV lamps can provide even better protection against bacteria, viruses, and toxic mold spores. If you have known issues with moisture control or mold growth in your home, UV lights can improve indoor air quality by killing new mold growth; however, the moisture problem will need to be remedied to get the full effect.

If you think you might benefit from a UV germicidal light installation, call one of our Woodcliff Lake, NJ indoor air quality experts. We can answer all of your questions and address any concerns you may have about your indoor air quality. Call DB Heating and Cooling any time to set up a consultation!

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Waldwick Indoor Air Quality Tips: Improving Indoor Air Quality with UV Germicidal Lights?

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Ultraviolet germicidal lights improve indoor air quality in your Waldwick home by killing the harmful bacteria, viruses, and toxic mold that can cause respiratory problems and other health concerns. These microorganisms spread by releasing airborne spores containing the genetic material used to create a new organism. UV lights use a wavelength of ultraviolet light to destroy the organism’s DNA, which takes away their reproductive capabilities and also kills them.

UV germicidal lights are fairly inexpensive and can be installed to work with your existing forced air HVAC system. They are typically used in tandem with either an electronic or mechanical air cleaner. While air cleaners can filter pollen and other irritants, UV germicidal lights destroy the viruses and mold spores once these pollutants have been trapped by the air cleaner. After the air has been filtered through your HVAC, it will circulate more easily through system and increase the efficiency of the unit. In addition, UV lights are useful in killing hidden mold growth, which can only be detected by special thermal imaging equipment.

Homeowners with particularly chronic allergy problems or extremely poor indoor air quality choose to install both types of air cleaners, in addition to a UV light, for the ultimate protection from indoor air pollutants—from bacteria to pet dander.  If your home lacks adequate ventilation, or if you are unable to control the source of common pollutants, you might benefit greatly by installing UV germicidal lights. Poor indoor air circulation can exacerbate the spread of harmful microorganisms, so make sure you have proper ventilation if you don’t have UV lights in your home.

UV germicidal lights have also been used to filter tap water because they are more reliable and easier to install than other water treatment systems. However, they are typically used to provide cleaner indoor air.

Call the indoor air quality experts at DB Heating & Cooling if you have questions or concerns about the quality of the air inside your Waldwick home.

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