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Westwood, NJ Heating Tip: What To Do If You Lose Heat

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Losing the ability to heat your home can cause serious discomfort. Spring comes on slowly in the Northeast and some homeowners need to rely on their heating systems longer than others. Whatever type of heating system you have—boiler, furnace, heat pump—you’ll need the professional diagnosis and repair service of a heating expert. DB Heating & Cooling offers professional services to homeowners in the Westwood, NJ area. For heating repair, call us today.

If you find yourself without heat, contact a professional heating technician right away to request emergency repair service. Heaters are complex systems, with many different components. Here are some common problems:

  • No Power. Your furnace requires electricity. It may have blown a fuse or tripped the circuit.
  • Switched off. Make sure your thermostat is turned up high enough to make the heating system turn on.
  • Motor problem. Occasionally motors need repair and sometimes need to be reset.
  • Pilot light out. The pilot light is the small flame that allows the heater to ignite, and is sometimes attached to an electronic device called the thermocouple. This device stops the fuel supply in a gas furnace or boiler when the pilot is not lit, so as to reduce the danger of excessive fuel build-up.

Attempting to fix your own furnace or boiler without the proper knowledge and skill can lead to further damages. Besides calling a local heating repair technician, there are several measures to take if you suddenly find yourself without heat.

  • Do you have enough fuel? No fuel, no fire, as they say. Make sure you keep an eye on your fuel levels, and replenish it before you run out.
  • Dress warmly. It may be necessary to wear hats, gloves, scarves and multiple layers indoors.
  • Trap existing warm air. Hanging blankets over windows and doorways can help to boost the insulation of your home.
  • Keep the water moving. If it’s very cold outside, you can turn your faucets on ever so slightly to ensure your pipes don’t freeze..
  • Stay with friends and family. Check with them to see if they have power, and if they’re not too far away, call in the favor and stay in a warm place until your heater gets fixed.

Loss of heat can be dangerous, especially for the elderly and the very young. Call a Westwood, NJ heating repair specialist if your home loses heat. Call DB Heating & Cooling today. 

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Why Consider a Boiler in Bergen County, NJ

Monday, February 18th, 2013

If you are currently replacing your heating system in your Bergen County, NJ home, you may be interested in switching out an old system with a new, high-efficiency boiler. While a furnace heats air and distributes heated air throughout your home by the use of ducts, a boiler heats water, and provides either hot water or steam for your heating needs. A boiler can heat both your water and your air—this 2-in-1 functionality makes it an attractive option for new homeowners. If you’re thinking about replacing your current system with a boiler or installing a new system, then you will need the professional advice of a boiler technician. Call DB Heating & Cooling today for a consultation.

Like a furnace, a boiler’s efficiency is measured by its annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating, which determines its average energy-efficiency. Most models nowadays are at least 80%, some over 90%. The higher the percentage, the more efficient, although you have to measure the annual benefits against the upfront costs of purchasing a more expensive system.

There are further considerations: the size of the boiler, whether you would like it to be a steam or hot water boiler, whether you want them to have the capacity for high temperatures, and so on. You may also want to consider the advantages to a boiler. Although initial installation can be more expensive, hydronic boilers are known for being more efficient and economical than forced-air systems. Moreover, baseboard pipes and aluminum fins take up less space than ducts, and they offer a more even temperature throughout your home. The boiler also offers a simplicity impossible with two separate systems to upkeep and repair. These are just some ways in which you may find a new boiler system to be an attractive option in your Bergen County, NJ home.

Call us today if you are interested in boiler installation in Bergen County, NJ!

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Benefits of Duct Sealing: Paramus, NJ HVAC Tip

Monday, February 11th, 2013

If you have a forced air system in your home, all of the conditioned air in your home has to go through those ducts. Your ducts are critical to your home’s comfort and to the proper operation of your heating and air conditioning system. Having your ducts sealed in Paramus, NJ by a professional contractor can have a very positive impact on your home. At DB Heating & Cooling, we provide duct sealing services throughout the Paramus, NJ area. We thought it would be helpful to our customers if we put together some of the benefits of getting their ducts sealed.

Common Duct Problems in Paramus, NJ

  • Leaks – Over time, your ducts can wear out and get old. When that happens they can crack and start to leak. As air travels through the ducts it can leak out of those holes. This can decrease the efficiency of your system and cause you to waste money. It can also allow outside contaminants, insects or rodents to get into your ducts as well.
  • Blockages – The average house has about 20 pounds of debris inside of it. Not only can it decrease the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system, it can also cause big problems for the air quality of your system. As air moves through your ducts if can pick up the contaminants, allergens and other particles that are in them.

Benefits of Duct Sealing

Duct sealing is a great idea for homeowners throughout the Paramus, NJ area. Here are some of the potential benefits.

  • Greater efficiency – Having holes and leaks in your ducts reduces the efficiency of your heating and AC system because it allows the heated or cooled air out of your home. When you seal up your ducts more of that energy will stay in your home.
  • Air quality – With duct sealing, outdoor contaminants can enter your home and your air supply.

If you’re interested in duct sealing at your home in Paramus, NJ, call DB Heating & Cooling, Inc..

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Benefits of Heating Replacement in Emerson, NJ

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Making the decision to invest in a home heating replacement system is a big commitment. In many situations, though, it is the best available option.  If you are considering the installation of a replacement heating system in your home, call the home heating experts at DB Heating & Cooling. Our skilled technicians can help you evaluate your options and make the right decision for your home and heating needs.

There are a lot of benefits that accompany the replacement of your home heating system, if that is the route you decide to take. One of the biggest benefits is that you have the luxury of choosing an entirely different heating system if you so desire. Do not feel that you must stick with what you know. Discuss your options with a professional and get the right heating system for your heating habits.

New heating systems are generally more efficient than older models as well. This means that, despite the installation costs, your new heater may be able to save you money during operation. Just because your old heating system can be repaired, remember, does not mean that it is worth repairing. If it is working inefficiently then the cost of operating that system may not justify the cost of the repair service.

Your new heating system will also reduce the likelihood of a breakdown or other repair needs, further saving you money while providing you with the comfortable home you deserve. A new system means that all of the components are new, not just the parts that have been replaced in an older system. A new heating system will work in harmony for better operation, better comfort and better efficiency.

If your heating system is getting on in years it may not be totally necessary to replace it. However, it may be beneficial to do so. You can only repair and service a heating system so many times before the cost of doing so is no longer justifiable. Call DB Heating & Cooling today to discuss the installation of a heating replacement system in your Emerson, NJ home.

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