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Commercial HVAC Control Systems

One heating system or cooling system is relatively easy to maintain, when you have multiple heating and cooling systems, exhaust fans, ventilation ducts, lights and security systems all wired into your building, it’s important to install a central control system so you can easily access and adjust the operation of the system from anywhere.

Modern control systems are computerized and networked together, though many control systems also have mechanical components for backup control in case of power loss. The scale of a control system is only limited by your needs. While a single system can be installed for a commercial building or warehouse with in–house access to the control panel, HVAC control systems can also provide remote access to dozens of buildings.

Control systems allow building owners to take full control of the heating and cooling load in multiple areas of a building. Whether you need to keep your energy bills down or want to program your building’s systems to operate in an automated way, a control system is a fantastic upgrade. That’s why DB Heating & Cooling, Inc. provides a full range of commercial building control system installation, maintenance and repair services. If you are interested in integrating an HVAC control system into your Bergen County or Rockland County, NY area commercial building, call us today.

Commercial Control System Integration

A control system is used to control HVAC systems including heating, air conditioning and ventilation. This allows the building owner to easily control the temperature in each room or building on the network, as well as the humidity level, pressure, and air flow.

While earlier control systems required someone to physically activate a switch or go to a room in which the controls were housed, today these systems can be accessed via almost any computer, sometimes through a web browser connected to the Internet. Heating and cooling can be scheduled and monitored remotely and changes can be made automatically when the weather outside changes.

Commercial Control System Installation

Ideally, control system installation is done when your HVAC systems are installed. This makes it easier to connect the different parts of your building’s comfort control systems. If that’s not possible, it’s still possible to install a control system after the fact, though it can take a bit longer than it would otherwise.

After installation of a control system, the devices must be monitored and calibrated regularly. Because all operations in the building are now being patched to a single interface, it’s possible for the temperature control to become inaccurate or for air flow to be disrupted if regular maintenance is not done. Our trained technicians can inspect and repair any issues that arise in the control system so they don’t become serious problems.

Commercial Control Systems for Comfort & Energy Savings

Control system installation not only makes it easier for one person to control the temperature and humidity in a building; it helps to save money. Without one of these systems, tenants and employees would be responsible for controlling the HVAC systems in their respective portions of the building. That can lead to uneven heating and cooling and excessive energy consumption. Central control allows you to minimize costs and learn of potential issues immediately, before they escalate and require expensive repairs.

If you’re interested in learning more about how HVAC control systems can save you money and make your Bergen County, NJ or Rockland County, NY area commercial building more energy efficient, contact DB Heating & Cooling, Inc. today.