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Oil to Gas Conversion in Bergen County, NJ, by DB Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Residents in our area have long relied on traditional oil furnaces to keep their homes warm during the winter. It’s been a reliable technology, but like all technology, its time has passed. While many homes in the area still make use of it, heating oil is more expensive than other types of fuels and releases a lot of greenhouse gases into the air. Solving those problems is an imperative, but most residence are reluctant to spend a huge amount of money on buying a new furnace. That’s where oil to gas conversion from the pros at DB Heating & Cooling, Inc. come in. We install equipment in your existing furnace that allows it to be run on natural gas, which costs cheaper and runs cleaner than oil. In a snap, you’re saving more money and doing more for the environment without skipping on needed heat. Call us today and let us show you how to get started!

Contact DB Heating & Cooling, Inc. for oil-to-gas conversion in Bergen County, NJ and Rockland County, NY.

Problems Created by Oil Furnaces

Oil furnaces still have a fair number of benefits and if you’re using one, you don’t necessarily need to stop. But the problems created by oil furnaces are more than passing. For starters, you usually need to fuel them yourself, which means you could run out of heating oil just when you need it the most. Oil furnaces are not the most cost–effective solution to heating problems either, and spills can be quite problematic. Finally, there’s the environmental cost as oil furnaces are known to release toxins into the atmosphere.

How Does Oil–to–Gas Conversion Help?

Converting to natural gas eliminates a lot of these problems, starting with the need for a storage tank on your property. This ends the danger of spills, and since natural gas is provided by community grids you never need to worry about running out of fuel. It’s also reliable since it’s delivered via a pipeline instead of by truck, so you won’t ever be dependent upon the vagaries of the weather. Natural gas burns clean so there’s much fewer pollutants in the air, and it’s non–toxic to boot: meaning that it won’t pose a risk to your family or household.

Trust DB Heating & Cooling, Inc. for Quality Oil–to–Gas Conversions

A proper oil–to–gas conversion needs a reliable service to perform the operation right. We use the latest techniques and can guide you through every step of the process so you know what’s coming. When it’s done, your furnace will function much more efficiently, and the monthly savings – when balanced over time – will help offset the cost of installment. Best of all, you’ll enjoy reliable heat from a clean fuel source, eliminating the worry about buying more fuel or getting caught in a winter storm without enough heating oil. If you’re a homeowner in Bergen County and Rockland County, NY, pick up the phone and give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did!