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Peerless Boilers

Choosing a boiler for your home is a complicated process. There used to be only a handful of options and they all generally functioned and performed very similarly. However, today, boilers are more efficient and capable than ever before. They use less energy, provide steadier heat and hot water, and run almost silently.

The Bergen County and Rockland County, NY area boiler technicians at DB Heating & Cooling, Inc. have years of experience providing quality boiler installation, maintenance and repair services. While our experts work on boilers of all types, we specialize in Peerless boiler installation and service. It’s our professional opinion that Peerless products offer unmatched performance and efficiency.

Peerless Boiler Models

Peerless offers more than a dozen residential boilers with various degrees of efficiency and output. The Peerless Purefire and Peerless Combi 160 are both high efficiency gas fired boilers with outputs between 27 and 192 MBH. They are also both sealed combustion and direct vent boilers, making it easy to upgrade your current system.

The Peerless Pinnacle line of boilers are direct vent and stainless steel with MBH of up to 183 and the Series MI boilers have MBH output of up to 211 with natural draft. The most powerful residential boilers made by Peerless are in its Series 63, offering MBH of up to 241 with water or steam trim. This particular boiler comes in six available sizes to match different sized homes and has an AFUE rating of up to 82% – a solid upgrade in efficiency if you currently have a boiler that is more than 20 or 30 years old.

Most Peerless boilers are designed for efficiency ratings significantly higher than those on older models. Boilers installed in the 1970s and 1980s had efficiency ratings of between 50–65% and therefore wasted a tremendous amount of energy.

If you’re serious about saving on your energy bills, consider the high efficiency boilers offered by Peerless like the Combi 160 which has an AFUE of 93% or the Peerless PureFire with its efficiency rating of 97.3%.

Peerless Boiler Experts

Replacing your boiler with a newer more efficient model is an important decision, so it’s helpful to seek the guidance of people who are trained to work on these systems. With Peerless, you’re sure to get a great boiler, but you’ll want to know which model will work best in your home and save you the most money in energy costs. The Bergen County, NJ and Rockland County, NY area boiler experts at DB Heating & Cooling, Inc. are only a phone call away and always happy to answer any questions you may have. We’ll walk you through the new boiler selection process and then install your new system with speed and precision.