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Heating System Maintenance in Bergen County, NJ

One of the best things Bergen County and Rockland County, NY areas residents can do to help ensure the long term health of their heating systems is to schedule a regular maintenance visit with DB Heating & Cooling, Inc. once a year. Just like most other mechanical devices, home heating systems need a tune up every now and then to keep them working at top capacity and efficiency.

Particularly if you’ve just had a new heating system installed, it can be tempting just to let it be and not have anyone come out and take a look at it for a few years. After all, it’s brand new and the most energy efficient model out there. So why would you want to spend more money to have it serviced when it’s only a year or two old?

Benefits of Heater Maintenance

Actually, there are quite a few reasons that investing in annual heating system maintenance is a good idea. The fact is that even a brand new heating system will begin to decrease in efficiency even after only one year. The decrease will be small, of course, and you probably won’t even notice it. But if you don’t have your heating system maintenance performed regularly, you’re going to wind up losing a little bit more energy efficiency every year.

This loss of efficiency also means a gradual increase in your energy costs because your heating system will need to use more and more energy each year to keep your house at the same temperature. Since this is a gradual increase, you may not notice it, but the fact is that you’ll be paying more than you need to for your heat.

In fact, after a few years, you’ll probably end up having paid more in increased energy bills than you would have spent on the annual maintenance visits. It might seem like an unnecessary cost that you just don’t want to add at first, but the fact is that annual heating system maintenance is actually more cost effective than paying more and more each year to keep your house warm.

By keeping to a regular heating maintenance schedule, you’ll also be helping to extend the life of your heating system. A well maintained system can continue to serve you well throughout its expected lifespan and even sometimes beyond. However, if you don’t maintain your heating system, it’s quite likely you’ll wind up needing costly repairs as your system begins to age.

It’s never fun when your heating system breaks down in the middle of winter, and with regular maintenance visits from an experienced professional, the likelihood of that happening will go way down as well. That’s because part of your annual maintenance is a thorough inspection and cleaning of your system.

During this inspection, technicians will check for any minor problems or signs of irregular wear that could become larger problems over time if not addressed. They can also replace any parts that are close to failing without waiting for that failure to actually occur, saving you both the inconvenience of having to deal with emergency heating system repairs and the added cost that emergency repairs often bring with them.

Peace of Mind

When you do have a regular maintenance service performed on your heating system, you’ll be able to rest that much easier knowing that your heat will work when you need it to. Since you don’t turn your heat on until it starts to get cold, it’s common to find out there’s a problem right when you need the heat most. We offer full maintenance service agreements for all types of heating systems and we’d be glad to add you to our list of satisfied customers in the Bergen County, NJ, the surrounding areas, and Rockland County, NY.