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Do I Need to Replace My Heating System?

Monday, October 30th, 2017

gas-burnerThe daily temperature is starting to drop rapidly, as we get closer and closer to winter. That means that you’re going to need to make sure your home is ready for the heating season. For most homeowners, preparing for the heating season just means scheduling preventive maintenance for their heating systems.

However, you may find that it’s better to replace your heating system entirely than to try and keep it running for another season. If you aren’t sure whether or not your heating system could use replacing this season, read on for a list of common signs that it’s time for a new one.

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Signs of a Furnace at the End of Its Life

Monday, October 31st, 2016

Was your furnace professionally installed? Do you keep up on your furnace maintenance appointments? If so, your heating system has the potential to last for many years. However just like any other important appliance in your home, it cannot last forever. If you are looking ahead to winter and wondering if your furnace will make it through, then it’s time to contact our professionals to see if a replacement is due.

It’s best to schedule your furnace replacement before the weather gets too cold. This will give you the peace of mind that you won’t be stuck with a malfunctioning furnace in the dead of winter. But how do you know when it is actually time for a replacement, and not a repair?

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Choices for a New Heating System

Monday, September 28th, 2015

Do you need to replace an outdated, failing heating system in your Allendale home? Then it’s time to give the heating experts at DB Heating & Cooling a call. There are several important steps involved in replacing an old heater, and one of those steps is choosing the new type of system you want. Homeowner’s have more choices than ever when it comes to installing a new heating system, and these are the types of systems we carry at DB Heating & Cooling:

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Benefits of Heating Replacement in Emerson, NJ

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Making the decision to invest in a home heating replacement system is a big commitment. In many situations, though, it is the best available option.  If you are considering the installation of a replacement heating system in your home, call the home heating experts at DB Heating & Cooling. Our skilled technicians can help you evaluate your options and make the right decision for your home and heating needs.

There are a lot of benefits that accompany the replacement of your home heating system, if that is the route you decide to take. One of the biggest benefits is that you have the luxury of choosing an entirely different heating system if you so desire. Do not feel that you must stick with what you know. Discuss your options with a professional and get the right heating system for your heating habits.

New heating systems are generally more efficient than older models as well. This means that, despite the installation costs, your new heater may be able to save you money during operation. Just because your old heating system can be repaired, remember, does not mean that it is worth repairing. If it is working inefficiently then the cost of operating that system may not justify the cost of the repair service.

Your new heating system will also reduce the likelihood of a breakdown or other repair needs, further saving you money while providing you with the comfortable home you deserve. A new system means that all of the components are new, not just the parts that have been replaced in an older system. A new heating system will work in harmony for better operation, better comfort and better efficiency.

If your heating system is getting on in years it may not be totally necessary to replace it. However, it may be beneficial to do so. You can only repair and service a heating system so many times before the cost of doing so is no longer justifiable. Call DB Heating & Cooling today to discuss the installation of a heating replacement system in your Emerson, NJ home.

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Paramus Heating Question: What Is Involved in Replacing an Old System?

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

When your Paramus home’s HVAC system starts to fail — or if it already has — your options essentially come down to two: replace or repair. There are a lot of factors that go into making such a decision, but in general, if it is a newer system with a small problem and you haven’t had much trouble with it, then a simple repair clearly makes sense.

For older systems, or ones that have been repaired all to often lately, or ones that seem to be on their last legs, repair may be the only reasonable course of action.

Surely you know that a total system replacement would be a big job, but have you ever thought about just how big? Sure, you know you will have to swap out the failing furnace, and you may as well replace the air conditioning unit while you’re in there, but that’s it, right?

Actually, there is a lot more to an HVAC system than just those two machines. Think about all the behind-the-scenes components and the little components that are often overlooked, such as:

  • Ducts – Keep in mind that your ducts are probably as old as that furnace you are replacing, and that a new, efficient unit cannot operate at nearly its full potential with faulty duct work.
  • Thermostats – Your old ones may not even be compatible with a new furnace or air conditioner.
  • Wiring – For the thermostat, among other things.
  • Insulation – Many homeowners forget that insulation is part of an HVAC system, too. Just like we said about duct work, old insulation does not help a new system achieve maximum performance.
  • Piping – Such as refrigerant piping on a geothermal system or a ductless air conditioning system.

You can see that the job starts to get pretty complex pretty fast. This doesn’t mean you should shy away from a necessary replacement, just make sure that you fully consider the scope of what you need done, as well as the budget and time frame you have to work with.  If you are thinking about having your old system replaced, give DB Heating & Cooling a call!

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