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Choices for a New Heating System

Do you need to replace an outdated, failing heating system in your Allendale home? Then it’s time to give the heating experts at DB Heating & Cooling a call. There are several important steps involved in replacing an old heater, and one of those steps is choosing the new type of system you want. Homeowner’s have more choices than ever when it comes to installing a new heating system, and these are the types of systems we carry at DB Heating & Cooling:

  • Furnaces – approximately 60% of homes in the country use a furnace to heat. These systems need ductwork to deliver the warm air, and they can be fueled by natural gas, propane or oil, with natural gas being the most common.
  • Boilers – boilers have been around for over a century and offer homes a gentle, radiant heating that is comfortable and great for allergy sufferers. We carry three type of boiler systems, including hot water, steam and Peerless boilers.
  • Heat pumps – heat pumps aren’t new, but they are a newer type of heating system when considered in the same field as boilers and furnaces. Unlike combustion heating systems, heat pumps do not generate heat. Instead, they transfer heat from one location to another using refrigerant to facilitate the process. This facet of the system allows it to also cool your home in the summer months.

Which System Is for Me?

When you sit down with your DB Heating & Cooling heating expert, you’ll review your needs for heating and then the pros and cons of each system. While many homeowners default to choosing the same kind of heater to replace an existing one, the truth is that heating replacement offers you the opportunity to install a different type of system that may actually serve you and your home. Keeping an open mind can help you find the perfect new heating system for your home in Allendale. Just give us a call!

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