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What Does Our Team Check for During Heating Maintenance?

Monday, September 28th, 2020

technician-working-on-furnaceIn the areas we serve, temperatures get cold. There’s no denying that. And if you want your heating system to rise to the occasion of keeping you and your family comfortable all winter long, then it is essential that you schedule routine heating maintenance once a year–with fall being the best time to do so. These heating system tune-ups are more complex than most homeowners realize, and require a professional touch.

Sure, there are some small maintenance tasks you can handle on your own. For example, do you have a clogged air filter in your furnace? This is something you can and should change every 1-3 months. Doing so will prevent the interior components of your furnace form getting pummeled with debris. But for truly thorough maintenance that will make a difference in the performance and longevity of your heater, you’ll want professional service. But what actually happens during this service? Read on to find out!

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“Does My Boiler Have a Scaling Problem?”

Monday, March 2nd, 2020

top-of-boiler-with-pressure-gaugeBoilers serve as one of the most efficient forms of heating in Bergen County, NJ there is. Not only that, but these systems are incredibly durable and long-lasting. That doesn’t mean, however, they’re immune to any problems at all.

Scaling is one of those problems. In fact, we’re here to say that if your boiler is experiencing scaling, it’s certainly a problem! Fortunately, it’s one of the most common problems that boiler users experience.

What happens is that high levels of minerals in the water, like calcium and magnesium (which make up what we call hard water) gets left behind in the boiler’s tank and tubes, and eventually this turns to scale and leads to a reduction in heat along with a loud banging noise.

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Skipped Fall Maintenance? Here’s What Can Happen

Monday, February 3rd, 2020

woman-with-surprised-expressionWe’re in our chilliest month of the year, but that doesn’t mean there’s no time left to schedule maintenance. Yes, heating maintenance is something we recommend for the fall. The reason for this is that it gives your heater the best chance to get through winter efficiently and effectively without breaking down. It’s actually more important, however, to be consistent with maintenance than it is to have it done at a certain time of the year.

That said, if you did skip fall maintenance this heating season, and you don’t plan on scheduling it any time soon, you may be unpleasantly surprised by the consequences. Keep reading to learn what can happen when you skip your heating maintenance for an entire year.

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Caring for Your Boiler: Potential Service Needs

Monday, November 25th, 2019

gauge-on-gas-boilerWhen it comes to important appliances, the system you use for heating in Bergen County, NJ is at the top of the list. And if you’re using a boiler system, you’re in great shape! These systems are very sturdy, long-lasting, efficient, and very effective at their job. But they can only continue to be all these things if they’re properly cared for.

If you’re using a boiler for your home heating, you want to ensure it’s always operating the best it can. As the colder weather approaches, we have some signs for how you can detect when your boiler is in need of professional services. Taking care of them sooner rather than later will give you peace of mind so you can stay warm and healthy all winter long. Keep reading to learn these signs.

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Is Your Heat Pump Showing These Signs of Disrepair?

Monday, January 7th, 2019

white question mark on blue circle, on white backgroundWhen you live in a climate as cold as ours gets in the wintertime, your heating system goes through a lot of stress. Make that double if you have a heat pump, which is already strained from keeping you cool all summer.

You are very likely using yours daily to keep your home warm this time of the year, and the more stress that your heat pump is under, the more likely it is that it will develop problems. You can reduce the risk of emergency issues occurring by knowing the signs of a heat pump that needs professional Emerson, NJ heating repairs, though. One of the biggest signs that something is amiss is hearing strange or unfamiliar noises coming from the heat pump.

Here are a few examples of what those sounds might be, and what they might mean:

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The Advantages of Installing a Boiler

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

Gas-fired boiler.We’re finally starting to get a bit of a dip in daily temperatures as we move further into fall. Before too long, you’re going to be relying entirely on your heating system to keep your home comfortable during the day. If you don’t currently have a reliable heating system to use during the winter months, now is the time to have one installed. You should choose carefully when it comes to installing a new heating system, as each one is suited to a different set of needs. Have a look at some of the ways that installing a boiler can help you this heating season.

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To Reduce Furnace Repair, Stop Doing This…

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

We’re slowly coming out of the winter here in New Jersey, which means now is an excellent time to deal with furnace problems when you might need your heat everyday. Here in Westwood, NJ, the furnace repair experts at DB Heating & Cooling are standing by to fix your problem. But this is also a good time to discuss preventative measures, and ways that you can lower the risk of a breakdown with you furnace. Professionals can give you specific advice that matches your precise type of furnace. But in general terms, there are steps you can take to keep your furnace from suffering a breakdown. To reduce furnace repair, stop doing this…

  • Setting the temperature high. Many people fallaciously believe that setting the temperature higher will heat your home faster. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most heaters have just a single setting, which means that it blows the air at the same speed no matter what the setting is. Setting a higher temperature only creates more strain on your system, without adding anything beneficial in response.
  • Neglecting to perform maintenance. An annual maintenance session will remove dirt, tighten loose bolts and otherwise reduce friction levels in your furnace. It will also help your technician spot potential problem areas early, allowing you to deal with it at leisure.  Neglecting to schedule a maintenance session will often create a number of problems that could be easily avoided.

If you know what to stop doing to reduce furnace repair, the next step is to call a service professional to help with maintenance and similar issues. In Westwood, NJ, call DB Heating & Cooling for any heating service you need. You’ll be glad you did!


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What to Look for in a Boiler

Monday, February 24th, 2014

For cozy and dependable heating during cold weather, a boiler is an excellent option for installation in your home. Boilers use the comforting warmth from baseboard heaters or radiators to send clean heat into rooms, and they run with few repair needs. If you want an alternative to forced-air systems like furnaces, a boiler is one of the best choices.

When you are shopping for a new boiler, there are a few factors to focus on. Make sure that you seek professional assistance when choosing a boiler, however: have the installers involved early to help you make the best choice. Contact DB Heating & Cooling for quality heating service in Westwood, NJ.

Here’s what you should look for in a new boiler

  • High AFUE rating: AFUE stands for “annual fuel utilization efficiency.” This rating measures the general energy efficiency of a boiler, expressed as a percentage. The higher the percentage, the more efficiently the boiler converts its fuel source into heat. The U.S. Department of Energy requires home gas-powered boilers installed in the U.S. to have a minimum AFUE of 80%, so aim for that rating or higher. Look for the U.S. ENERGY STAR label as an indicator of an efficient boiler.
  • The appropriate energy source: Boilers can use a variety of energy sources, and the most common today are natural gas, electricity, and oil. Make sure you look for a boiler that matches your available energy supply. Gas-powered boilers have the highest fuel efficiency, so if you have a gas pipeline into your home, you should consider a natural gas model. If you don’t have a natural gas hook-up, look instead for electricity or oil.
  • Proper size: A boiler needs to be the right size to fit your home’s heating needs. Either going too large or too small will cause problems leading to insufficient heating and/or energy waste. To have your boiler sized to fit your home, have an HVAC technician conduct a heat load calculation at your house, which will give you the specific amount of heat you need to have your boiler keep you comfortable.

Schedule professional installation

Professionals shouldn’t only help you choose the right boiler; they should install it as well. Modern boilers are complex and need trained technicians to set them up correctly and install the baseboard heaters.

Call DB Heating & Cooling for your boiler installation. We are EPA certified and fully insured, and our technicians have the extensive training necessary to make your Westwood, NJ heating installation go off without a hitch.

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Why You Cannot Delay Furnace Repair

Monday, February 17th, 2014

Modern furnaces are durable machines, and they can often continue to run and provide you with heat when they are experiencing malfunctions. Although this is an indication of how well manufacturers build furnaces today, you shouldn’t let a furnace continue to run with repair needs and hope you’ll make it to the spring thaw.

Any time you detect a problem with your furnace—whether from strange operating noises, odd smells from the vents, or uneven heating—you need to call for repairs as soon as possible. With a company like DB Heating & Cooling offering 24-hour emergency furnace repair, you have no reason to hesitate.

Why You Need Prompt Repairs

  • Avoid an abrupt breakdown—at the worst time: We have experienced a particularly rough winter this year, and we can still expect some deep chills ahead before we emerge into spring. If your heater is running with a malfunction, it is skirting close to a complete breakdown that will leave you without warmth on one of the coldest days. Because you will push your furnace harder during cold days, it is more likely to stop working then… and emergency repairs may have trouble reaching you because many other homeowners will have similar problems.
  • Stop paying more for heating: Any malfunction in a furnace, regardless of whether it allows the furnace to keep working, will reduce the system’s efficient operation. As the furnace works harder, it will drain more energy. Your heating bills will start to rise; they might even skyrocket. Taking care of a repair means shaving away a large portion of your monthly bills.
  • Keep your furnace safe: The most common type of furnace is a natural gas-powered model. Gas furnaces are safe provided they remain in good repair with regular maintenance. Letting one go without needed repairs is potentially dangerous because it can lead to gas leaks and other hazards. Never delay getting repairs for a gas furnace, and never attempt repairs on your own.

If you trust the work on your furnace to trained experts like those at DB Heating & Cooling, the repairs should go fast and return the system to top condition. In a season as cold as we’re having this year, you don’t want to risk losing your vital home heating: call for prompt furnace repair in Bergen County, NJ.

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4 Things to Consider Before Installing a New Heating System

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Modern home heating has reached the point of technological advancement where there are now numerous options for warming any house during the winter. And sometimes it’s more choice than people can handle. How can you know which heater you should install in your Emerson, NJ home?

DB Heating & Cooling understands how difficult this choice can be: that’s one of the reasons we’re here. We can offer the professional assistance you need to not only install a new system, but to choose one as well.

The U.S. Department of Energy suggests that you consider these four things before you select a heating system:

  1. Fuel – Your fuel availability will affect your choice. Electrical-powered heaters are always an option, but a gas line opens up other possibilities for installation. Homes without natural gas can also rely on heating oil or propane. The cost of each fuel will also factor into your decision, as well as its environmental effects.
  2. Climate – The colder the average winter temperature, the more powerful and heating system you’ll need. While a place like Southern California may only need space heaters during the winter, in New Jersey you need a central heating system.
  3. Efficiency – How much fuel energy does a heater convert to heating energy? A more efficient heater will mean savings on your energy bills—but high-efficiency systems usually cost more to install. You’ll need to consider your long-term budget plans to find the heater with ideal efficiency.
  4. Size – An improperly sized heater will be wasteful of energy, no matter its efficiency rating. A heater that’s too small will stay on continually trying to reach its target temperature, and a heater that’s too large will “short-cycle” and drain power from constantly re-starting. You will need a heat load calculation done in your home to find the right size.

The best way to the best heating

If you looked at the above considerations and felt overwhelmed, don’t worry: it requires a professional to make some of these choices. You definitely need a heating contractor to help you with determining the best size heater to install, and the contractor can assist you with balancing the other considerations as well to target the optimal heater. Since you will need professional eventually to install the heater, why not bring them on earlier to make sure you have the right heater?

DB Heating & Cooling has a staff of technicians experienced with heating installation in Emerson, NJ. Come to us when it’s time to pick the perfect heater for your home.

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