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Caring for Your Boiler: Potential Service Needs

gauge-on-gas-boilerWhen it comes to important appliances, the system you use for heating in Bergen County, NJ is at the top of the list. And if you’re using a boiler system, you’re in great shape! These systems are very sturdy, long-lasting, efficient, and very effective at their job. But they can only continue to be all these things if they’re properly cared for.

If you’re using a boiler for your home heating, you want to ensure it’s always operating the best it can. As the colder weather approaches, we have some signs for how you can detect when your boiler is in need of professional services. Taking care of them sooner rather than later will give you peace of mind so you can stay warm and healthy all winter long. Keep reading to learn these signs.

Your Radiators or Baseboard Heaters Are Cold

If you realize that one of your rooms isn’t getting warm enough, test to see if the associated radiator or baseboard heater is heating up as it should. If not, then this means that for some reason, the hot water from your boiler isn’t reaching it. This is typically caused by a problem with the manifold, and it will take a professional to repair.

Your Heating Is Generally Uneven

So let’s say the radiators haven’t gone cold, but you noticed that some rooms are warmer than others. This might be a problem with the circulator pump on the boiler, or it could even be due to leaks—something you never want to neglect or delay repairs on.

Odd Rumbling Noises from the Tank

A rumbling boiler tank probably sounds pretty scary. First, we want to say while this is a problem, you don’t need to panic—despite the name, boilers don’t typically boil water, so you can toss away your fears of the system exploding.

What you should worry about is scaling, which is the buildup of hard water minerals over time. This can lead to corrosion and other troubles with the tank, shortening its lifespan and increasing repair needs. Boiler maintenance once a year can help you avoid this problem!

Higher Than Normal Heating Bills

Most homeowners with a boiler in their home are using natural gas for their heating. Regardless of whether you’re using gas or electric though, you should keep an eye on your bills and make note of any unusual changes. If your utility bills all of the sudden spike during the heating season, it could very well be a sign that your boiler system is no longer working as efficiently as it once did, and it may need service.


We mentioned this briefly above—leaks are never something you should see coming from the boiler tank or any of the connection points. At the first sign of water puddling near the base of your boiler, shut your system off and please give our team a call.

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