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“Should My Heater Be Making That Noise?”

jets-of-a-natural-gas-furnaceUnfortunately, it happens. That is, heating systems break down with little to no warning. Your heater might go from working just fine throughout the week, and then all of a sudden not turn on at all. This is rare, though. After all, furnaces and other heating systems often give off warning signs well before they totally breakdown. But you need to know what to look for (or in some cases, listen for)!

Often, signs that you need heating repair in Bergen County, NJ show up by way of strange noises. While these noises might be accompanied by some unusual performance issues, too, the sound is what typically helps you narrow down the issue—though for true diagnostics, you’ll want to contact our pros! Keep reading to learn about some of the sounds you should never hear coming from your heater—and be sure to give us a call if you detect any of them.


Have you ever turned on the thermostat, and then a minute later hear a “bang” sound, or a popping noise, before the fan actually turns on? No matter what information you may gather on the Internet, a banging sound is not something to be ignored. While you don’t have to worry about your furnace blowing up on you, the “banging” you hear is actually an explosion of sorts.

The sound is usually caused by delayed ignition. Rather than starting up right away, dirt on the burners causes them to struggle to light immediately, which means gas can build up in the meantime. The mini “explosion” happens when the burners finally do light, and this can rattle the system. This rattling can lead to cracked heat exchangers and dangerous exposure to carbon monoxide gasses.


Any squealing or screeching sound coming from your furnace or from your vents may not seem like a big deal if it’s faint enough. Honestly, it’s not the worst that can happen—what’s likely going on is that the blower fan motor needs lubrication, or the fan belt is wearing down or misaligned. These are both easy fixes. But ignore then for too long and they can turn into much larger problems.


Do you hear something that sounds like metal scraping on metal? Then that probably is what you’re hearing. Like squealing, this may not seem like a big deal. But you might also notice heat coming through your vents less powerfully. Most likely, the blower fan has come loose form its mount, causing it to scrape the bearings that make that scraping sound. The fan slows down, too, which can cause the furnace to overheat and shut off too soon.


Again, no matter how faint or minor a sound seems, if it’s unfamiliar, you should pay attention. If you detect a low rumble coming from the area of your furnace, it may mean that the pilot flame is too low. If you know how, check your furnace to see that the flame is glowing blue, not orange or yellow. If the flame is not blue in color, shut off the system and call in a technician, as this could be hazardous.

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