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It’s Time to Get Your Heating System Ready for Winter with Annual Maintenance

We know you still have sand on your flip flops from the beach, but the fall equinox is here; we’ve officially changed seasons. Before you know it we are all going to need sweaters to keep warm during the day, but your heating system needs something, too: annual maintenance. It doesn’t matter what type of heating system you have. Every heating system needs to be properly maintained in order to provide the heat you need throughout the winter months, and the experts at DB Heating & Cooling are here to provide your heating system with the expert maintenance it needs.

Don’t I Just Change the Air Filter?

The air filter is changed during a maintenance appointment, but so much more happens during a maintenance appointment with our professionals. When you call us for maintenance, it is a full tune-up of your whole system. This means the entire system is inspected, cleaned, all moving parts are lubricated and the system is tested for performance. In addition, all electrical connections are checked and controls are tested. If you have a heat pump system, the refrigerant levels will be checked.

Why Is All This Important?

There are a few key reasons why maintenance is so important. First, it removes the wear and tear from last season, allowing your system to operate cleanly. Second, it helps improve the system’s performance so that you aren’t using excess fuel or electricity to warm your home this winter. Third, maintenance helps prevent future repairs by getting ahead of problems before they can start or before they can become much bigger issues. Lastly, you may need maintenance to keep your heating system warranty in force.

Our experts are ready to perform maintenance on your heating system in Franklin Lakes, NJ – just give us a call!

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