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Signs of a Furnace at the End of Its Life

Was your furnace professionally installed? Do you keep up on your furnace maintenance appointments? If so, your heating system has the potential to last for many years. However just like any other important appliance in your home, it cannot last forever. If you are looking ahead to winter and wondering if your furnace will make it through, then it’s time to contact our professionals to see if a replacement is due.

It’s best to schedule your furnace replacement before the weather gets too cold. This will give you the peace of mind that you won’t be stuck with a malfunctioning furnace in the dead of winter. But how do you know when it is actually time for a replacement, and not a repair?

Your System is Aging

Furnaces have the potential to last for many years, as we mentioned above. The typical lifespan of a professionally maintained and serviced furnace is about 15 years. Past that point, it can become pretty expensive to continue running it effectively. If your furnace is approaching 15 years of age or older, contact our professionals. We can advise you on the best next step.

Repairs are Constant

Each and every furnace will eventually need a repair at some point. However, most healthy furnaces can get by without repairs for a year or so. If your furnace is aging, however, you may find that you need more and more repairs, more frequently. This is because when components begin to fail from age, they often do so in groups. As a result you may find yourself needing repairs more than once a year, which is not cost-effective at all.


The older your furnace gets, the more wear and tear it accumulates. Eventually, this will cause the furnace to lose efficiency, and your heater will start to operate for longer and longer periods of time to compensate. So essentially, you’ll be paying more for a less efficient furnace.

When it comes time to replace your Ramsey, NJ furnace, trust the experts at DB Heating & Cooling, Inc. In addition to serving all of Bergen County, NJ, we also provide exceptional services for the residents throughout Rockland County, NY. Contact us today!

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