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Did you Schedule Your Heat Pump Maintenance Appointment Yet?

With the sudden decline in temperatures this past week, we’re all reminded how close we are to using our heating systems on a regular basis. If your climate control system is a heat pump, then scheduling maintenance on a routine basis is even more important than it would be for any other type of heating system.

This is because while other AC units and furnaces need maintenance once a year, heat pumps need this service more often. You should have had a maintenance session conducted before summer, and the months preceding winter necessitate a second tune-up, making now the best time to schedule one. Keep reading to learn why.

Catch Problems Before They Escalate

The primary reason you need to have preventive maintenance scheduled is so that our professional HVAC technicians can catch problems with your heat pump before they grow into much larger and more costly issues. Most heat pump systems don’t give off any obvious signs of disrepair until the repair issue is pretty advanced—at least if you don’t have maintenance done.

Once you notice a problem, it’s essential that you call for professional repairs. However, it may already be past the point to prevent the majority of the damage done to your heat pump. By scheduling regular maintenance, you’re allowing our technicians to locate and repair problems early enough to prevent the worst of the damage—potentially saving yourself thousands of dollars in repair costs over the life of the heat pump.

Do I Really Need Service Twice a Year?

As we discussed above, other HVAC systems only need maintenance once a year, typically before the system will go through its heaviest period of use. This ensures that it’s in the best possible condition to operate. Heat pumps, however, are used as both a heating system and an air conditioning system.

This means that your heat pump is put under intense amounts of stress as well as increased wear and tear in comparison to other systems like central AC units or furnaces. Be sure to schedule your heat pump maintenance once in the spring and once in the fall for optimal heat pump performance and efficiency.

To schedule your preventive heating maintenance appointment in Ramsey, NJ, contact DB Heating & Cooling, Inc today!

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