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Why Consider a Boiler in Bergen County, NJ

If you are currently replacing your heating system in your Bergen County, NJ home, you may be interested in switching out an old system with a new, high-efficiency boiler. While a furnace heats air and distributes heated air throughout your home by the use of ducts, a boiler heats water, and provides either hot water or steam for your heating needs. A boiler can heat both your water and your air—this 2-in-1 functionality makes it an attractive option for new homeowners. If you’re thinking about replacing your current system with a boiler or installing a new system, then you will need the professional advice of a boiler technician. Call DB Heating & Cooling today for a consultation.

Like a furnace, a boiler’s efficiency is measured by its annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating, which determines its average energy-efficiency. Most models nowadays are at least 80%, some over 90%. The higher the percentage, the more efficient, although you have to measure the annual benefits against the upfront costs of purchasing a more expensive system.

There are further considerations: the size of the boiler, whether you would like it to be a steam or hot water boiler, whether you want them to have the capacity for high temperatures, and so on. You may also want to consider the advantages to a boiler. Although initial installation can be more expensive, hydronic boilers are known for being more efficient and economical than forced-air systems. Moreover, baseboard pipes and aluminum fins take up less space than ducts, and they offer a more even temperature throughout your home. The boiler also offers a simplicity impossible with two separate systems to upkeep and repair. These are just some ways in which you may find a new boiler system to be an attractive option in your Bergen County, NJ home.

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