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What Types of Contaminants Do UV Germicidal Lights Eliminate?

Achieving the best indoor air quality for a home sometimes requires more than using mechanical air filters to trap contaminating particles. The ductwork in a house can collect biological pollutants that will lead to serious threats to the health and comfort of the people indoors—and standard filters and even electronic air purifiers will not do much good against these intruders.

Almost any home can start to develop biological contamination inside its HVAC system, usually because of high humidity. A dehumidifier is helpful for prevention, but when it comes to fully protecting your indoor air quality from biological pollutants, you will need to have installation of ultraviolent germicidal lights, also known as UV air purifiers. The professionals at DB Heating & Cooling are available to help you with installing UV germicidal lights in Paramus, NJ. Give them a call today.

What UV germicidal lights remove from your home

The concept of ultraviolet radiation to kill biological contamination originated with a Noble Prize-winning doctor at the turn of the century; the doctor discovered that the high frequency UV lights helped with treating tuberculosis. UV radiation strips away the nuclei of cells, killing the cells and preventing them from reproducing. Aside from its medical uses (UV germicidal lights are a basic part of modern hospital sanitation), this power kills off the following pest in a home’s HVAC system

  • Mold and mold spores: This is one of the most common dangers that can infiltrate a home’s ductwork. Some molds are harmless (although you still want to get rid of them because they can cause ductwork damage) but other send out toxic spores that lead to a variety of health issues. UV germicidal lights kill off both the mold and the spores.
  • Viruses: The same way the UV lights inside a ventilation system of a hospital help to prevent the spread of infectious viruses through the ducts, they can also eliminate viruses from moving through your home.
  • Bacteria: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognizes UV treatment as an effective way to eliminate harmful bacteria that can cause a number of illnesses. Most types of harmful microorganisms will not survive exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Let professionals evaluate your indoor air quality

Before you decide on installation of UV germicidal lights in Paramus, NJ, you should know exactly what is causing trouble for your indoor air. If you have trouble from molds, viruses, bacteria, or other harmful microorganisms, we will set you up with an effective UV air purifier to make your home safer. You can also rely on us for regular maintenance and any necessary repairs to keep the system running.

Call the experts at DB Heating & Cooling to find out what air quality issues you have, and then find the right system to eliminate them.

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