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Choose a Peerless Boiler for Your New Heating Installation

Many years ago, choosing a boiler for your home was a fairly simple process. Most boiler models offered comparable performance and efficiency and operated in a similar fashion, so homeowners merely needed to consider the initial price. Today, you have far more options for boiler installation in Bergen County, with varying levels of efficiency and above average performance.

The heating experts at DB Heating & Cooling stand by the efficiency and performance of Peerless boilers as a superior choice for boiler installation. Learn more about the benefits of choosing this option for heating and find out about the unmatched quality of Peerless boilers in Bergen County in today’s post.

Choosing a Boiler for Heating Installation

Boilers are the preferred heating choice of many homeowners, for a few good reasons. For one, boilers evenly distribute heat throughout a home, unlike forced-air heating options like furnaces which have been known to be somewhat inadequate. Boilers generate hot water and move it to a terminal point like a radiator, baseboard, or floor piping to provide radiant heating. And radiant heat simply feels more comfortable, because it radiates throughout a room instead of blowing through vents. Boilers are also known for their quiet operation, high efficiency, and durability.

The Efficiency of Peerless Boilers

Whether you are choosing a boiler for installation in your new home or replacing an older boiler, the efficiency of Peerless boilers is tough to beat. Boiler and furnace efficiency is represented by a percentage known as the AFUE, the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency of the unit. If the AFUE is very high, it means that most of the energy your boiler uses goes directly towards heating your home. For greater initial savings, you can choose a Peerless Series 63 with an AFUE rating of up to 83%. This is quite an upgrade if switching from an older unit, as those built 20-30 years ago had an efficiency close to 50-65%. But to save a lot more every month, you may choose a Peerless Combi 160, which boasts an AFUE of 93%, or a Peerless Purefire at an efficiency rating of 97.3%.

Be sure to speak with a professional technician at DB Heating & Cooling to find out more about installing Peerless boilers in Bergen County.

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