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Is a High-Efficiency AC a Good Investment?


The technology of air conditioning systems has advanced tremendously during the 21st century. There are now AC units with energy efficiency that dwarfs what was available twenty years ago. A new mid-efficiency air conditioner can outperform older models, so if you have an AC that’s around 15 years old and ready for replacement, you’ll see an improvement in efficiency even if you decide to get a less expensive mid-efficiency model.

But what about investing in one of the best of the current high-efficiency units? It’s a good question to consider when you’re looking for a new air conditioning installation in Bergen County, NJ. We’d like to provide you with some additional information to help you think about this choice. When you’re ready to choose, make sure to work with our technicians for expert advice and the best service.

The Current High-Efficiency ACs

The efficiency of an air conditioner is described with two different measurements: EER2 (energy efficiency ratio) and SEER2 (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). These measurements are upgrades from the older EER and SEER ratings that reflect more stringent testing methods and a different scale. 

The basics remain the same, however: EER2 is a measurement of how efficient an AC is under a specific set of circumstances, and SEER2 is a measurement of how efficient an AC is under a range of conditions meant to represent a whole season of cooling. The larger the number, the greater the efficiency. 

An air conditioning system will have a maximum EER2 and SEER2 listed, which means the maximum efficiency the unit can achieve. It’s important to note that an AC will not always work at the same efficiency rating, but will change depending on factors such as heat, humidity, maintenance, proper installation, etc. Today’s standard ACs have approximately a maximum of 12.5 EER2 and 16 SEER2. High-efficiency units can be above max 14 EER2 and 20 SEER2—which can make a significant difference in lowering how much it costs to run the system. 

Getting the Best From High-Efficiency

Can a high-efficiency air conditioning save you money? Absolutely, although these savings are long-term. You’ll pay more upfront for the unit, but over a full 10–15-year service life, the AC will pay for itself several times over. 

But there’s an important caveat! A high-efficiency rating for an air conditioning system does not guarantee that it will save money. If the AC was poorly sized or installed, it won’t be able to reach its maximum efficiency rating often, if at all, and it won’t end up providing significant energy savings. 

This is why it is extremely important that you work with HVAC professionals when you’re thinking of investing in a high-efficiency unit. Only experts can find the right high-efficiency air conditioner and size it accurately so it will perform at its maximum efficiency as often as possible. 

Feel free to talk to our team to find out how best to make a high-efficiency air conditioning system a good investment for your comfort and budget.

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