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When is a Good Time to Schedule an Air Conditioning Installation in Oradell, NJ?

We all want our air conditioning systems to last forever, and a regular maintenance schedule can extend the life of your AC a great deal. There comes a time, however, when even the most durable air conditioning system needs to be replaced. Installing a new AC system can help lower your bills by improving efficiency, as well as offering potential features that your current system doesn’t. The question becomes when to schedule an air conditioning installation?

Obviously, the sooner you schedule an air conditioning installation, the more quickly you’ll benefit from the improved efficiency. And if your old AC unit conks out in the middle of a heat wave, you need to get the new system up and running as quickly as possible. But assuming you have the luxury of time and can plan for an installation at your leisure, you probably don’t want to schedule the procedure in the summer time. You want a new AC system installed and ready to go by the time the first heat wave arises, not in the middle of July when it’s already here.

By that logic, one might assume that the fall is the best time of the year to schedule an installation. The heat of summer is over and there’s plenty of time left until the temperature starts rising again. However, early spring becomes is also an opportune time to schedule an air conditioning installation. The snows of winter have melted but the temperatures are not yet high enough to necessitate daily use. If problems arise, you will likely notice them before an excessive amount of time has passed. If you want to schedule a new air conditioning installation in Oradell, NJ, call DB Heating & Cooling to do the job right. Our trained experts will handle all the details and set an installation schedule that works with yours.

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