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Air Conditioning Repair in Emerson, NJ: Damaged Ductwork

In a central air conditioning system, the ductwork exists to move cool air into every corner of your house. Ducts usually run through the crawlspaces in your home or in unobtrusive areas like the attic. Since they’re out of sight most of the time, it may take some time to notice damaged ductwork and call a service professional to correct the problem. That can result in higher energy bills in the interim, and air conditioning repair in Emerson can take on an added urgency thanks to our hot, muggy New Jersey summers. The quicker you can spot the problem, the quicker you can get it restored.

Ductwork can become damaged in a number of ways:

  • It can crumple or become distended  if your home is damaged in a storm or starts to settle.
  • Fiberglass or similar material can clog ducts
  • Rust and similar damage are not uncommon, and the fittings between lengths of ductwork and wear out over time.
  • Without regular cleaning, your ductwork can become dusty, and dust can seep in through cracks and similar leaky spots as well.

The result of all of that is impeded air flow and – in the case of holes or leaks – cool air lost through the damaged component. Not only does it force your air conditioning system to work harder, but it may result in a complete loss of cooling to the affected part of your home. In the case of dust and similar build-up, the quality of your indoor air may be affected, as particles and contaminants are carried through the air into the home. You may notice that your airflow is severely reduced, or that your monthly bills are higher due to the AC unit having to work harder to cool your home.

Repairing damaged ductwork is the purveyance of professionals. A trained service tech can isolate the source of the problem, and determine what precisely is needed to correct it. In some cases, that might mean nothing more than a cleaning. In others, the damaged ductwork will need to be removed and a replacement length sealed in its place.

For damaged ductwork and similar issues, you can trust the experts at DB Heating & Cooling. We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction, and conduct our operations with thoroughness and professionalism at all times. Call us today to schedule an Emerson, NJ air conditioning repair service.

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