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Why You Should Consider a Ductless System Installation

consider-ductless-system-installationSummer is just around the corner, and while we haven’t reached our warmest temperatures quite yet, now is definitely the time to look at different types of cooling systems, if you are considering a Ramsey, NJ AC installation. With plenty of time still ahead of you to prepare for the hotter months, we encourage you to upgrade your cooling system to a ductless mini-split. Read on to discover what these systems are and how one could be a huge advantage to you.

About Ductless Systems

Also referred to as ductless mini-splits, ductless systems—as the name implies—do not use air ducts to distribute air throughout a living space. Instead, they use a series of small air handlers, which are each connected to an outdoor condenser unit. You can have up to four indoor air handlers connected to a single condenser unit.

Each room or section in your home that’s meant to receive air conditioning has its own air handler. Each of these air handlers have their own thermostat. This enables the air handlers to work separately from the rest of the system. And since ductless systems use heat pump technology to work, they are able to both cool and heat your home.

Advantages of Installing a Ductless System

There are a variety of benefits that ductless mini-splits have over more traditional types of climate control systems. For instance, ductless units are more energy efficient than most other air conditioners, and heaters. Keep reading for more advantages.

  • Reduced Indoor Air Quality Problems: Since ductless systems do not require the use of ductwork, this eliminates many potential indoor air quality problems. For instance, leaky ductwork enables dirt, dust, and other debris to enter your living space. Additionally, duct leaks, on average, cause you to lose about 30% of your conditioned air into unoccupied spaces. Avoiding air loss helps your heating and cooling system to be more cost effective.
  • Precise Control: In comparison to other cooling system types, ductless systems give homeowners a high level of control over their indoor climate. You’ll be able to set the ideal temperature for each room within your home, rather than applying the same amount of output to the entire living space. You do not need to rely on just one thermostat, nor do you need to waste conditioned air on unoccupied rooms. Plus, you won’t have to battle with family members about what temperature is most ideal.
  • Energy Efficiency: Since each room in your home has its own needs met in regards to air conditioning, you are thereby improving your home’s energy efficiency. Central home comfort systems can create hot or cold spots through your home, because they’re applying the same amount of output, disregarding differences in things such as insulation or sunlight exposure.
  • Year-Round Comfort: As we mentioned above, ductless system operate on heat pump technology. This means that when winter comes again, you’ll have an efficient and effective heating system to keep your home warm, without the need to purchase or replace a separate heating system.

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