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Signs That Your Boiler Is Crying Out for Help

boiler-gas-regulatorAre you one of the many homeowners who rely on one of the most dependable heating systems around? That’s right, we’re talking about the boiler. Since boilers have fewer moving parts than their furnace or heat pump counterparts, they accumulate less wear and tear, and in general last longer as a result.

However, boilers cannot work flawlessly forever. You will eventually need to schedule boiler repairs, and hopefully long before it turns into a large repair emergency. Of course, the best way to prevent unexpected boiler problems is with routine maintenance. Annual boiler maintenance will help you fend off the worse boiler problems—but it’s still important to know the signs that your boiler needs repair. Read on to learn what these signs are, and don’t ignore any cries for help—give us a call!

Rumbling or Rattling Noises

No, this isn’t a sign that your boiler system is going to explode, but it certainly is an unsettling noise. When you hear either rumbling or rattling coming from the boiler, it does typically mean something is amiss.

One possible culprit is that the circulating pump has malfunctioned and is rattling inside its casing. This is one of the few mechanical components of a boiler system, so it does need to be carefully monitored. If the noise is coming from inside the boiler tank, however, then it likely means there is buildup on the bottom of the tank. This buildup is sediment from hard water minerals, and can cause issues like overheating and inefficient operation.


You never want to see your boiler leaking! Boilers are designed on a closed-loop system, and if you ever discover there is water puddling around the boiler tank, it’s not to be ignored. Leaking puts your boiler at risk in a number of ways, and you’ll want professional repair experts to seal it up (and replace the lost water).

Heating Delays

If you’ve had your boiler for even just one winter season, you likely know how long it takes, on average, for your home to warm up when the boiler turns on. If your home is taking a bit longer to do so, then there might be a circulation problem with your system.

This is more likely to occur in an aging system—15 to 20 years old—and is often a sign that your boiler is ready for replacement rather than repairs. In fact, sometimes replacing your system is a better financial choice since it will help you save money month-to-month on operational costs.

Strange Smells from the System

Boilers shouldn’t give off unusual odors, plain and simple. If you notice an acrid smell, like burning plastic or metal, then you’re probably encountering trouble with the circuits. This can be a fault in either a gas or electric boiler, so don’t assume this isn’t the case because you “don’t have that kind of boiler.”

As this problem could quickly become a safety hazard, it’s best to call us if anything smells (or looks or sounds) out of place!

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