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Does Rust Necessitate Boiler Repair?

Rust is the main enemy of the integrity of metal. Any place where metal comes into contact with water there exists a risk of rust developing from oxidation. Rust eats away at metal, making it flaky and weak, eventually leading to its disintegration.

As you might imagine, rust poses a threat to the boiler in your home, since your boiler operates through heating and pumping water through your living spaces. Fortunately, the danger from rust and other corrosion in your boiler is minimal if you make sure that it receives regular maintenance. A special anode rod on the top of your boiler helps prevent rust from infiltrating the tank, and as long as this rod gets replaced regularly before it corrodes through completely, you should have few worries about rust weakening your boiler and causing leaks.

However, if rust does start to afflict your boiler, does this mean you need to get a replacement? Not necessarily—but you will at the very least need professional repairs. For high quality boiler repair in Bergen County, NJ, look to DB Heating & Cooling.

If the rust on your boiler is minor and superficial, professionals can usually remove it with ease. The professionals can then inspect the boiler to make certain that the problem won’t immediately return. However, even if the rust contamination seems extensive, it might only require replacing the coils and mounting plates on the boiler—these are the areas that are usually first hit with corrosion.

However, extreme rusting on a boiler’s tank—especially a very old boiler—may require replacing the water tank entirely. Make sure you get a technician to look over the extent of the corrosion damage on your boiler so you’ll have an informed opinion about whether you need repairs or a complete replacement of the tank.

You should take the appearance of rust on your boiler seriously: even if it looks minor, it won’t stay that way. The rust will continue until your boiler starts to spring leaks—and you definitely don’t want a leaking boiler in your home! Get repairs done as soon as you can not only to remove the rust but to determine what faults in your system caused it in the first place.

DB Heating & Cooling can handle your needs for boiler repair in Bergen County, NJ. With our 24-hour emergency services, you never have to worry about getting the repairs done as soon as you need them.

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