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Make Your Heating Installation in Waldwick a Success: Pros and Cons of Common Heaters

Heating installation in Waldwick, NJ is more than a matter of picking something out of a catalogue. New Jersey winters can be very cold, and the heater you install will play a vital role in keeping you warm and cozy when the snows fall. Your decision will stay with you for many years to come, so you want to find the right heater to suit your needs. A trained professional can advise you on the right size of heater for your home and the kind of extra features you may want, such as zone control systems and programmable thermostat. But heaters come in several different types, and it’s important that you have the right one to fit your particular needs. In order to help make your heating installation in Waldwick a success, here’s a brief rundown on the pros and cons of common heaters:

  • Furnaces. Furnaces are usually a forced-air” system, which first heats the air and then distributes it to your home via a series of ducts. They’re very efficient and can heat homes quickly, and are relatively inexpensive to install, especially if you already have ducts in your home.
  • Boilers. Unlike furnaces, boilers don’t blow air around. Instead, they heat water, which then heats your home through a set of pipes and radiators. They tend to be more expensive to install, but they last a long time and require less maintenance than furnaces. They also don’t circulate air, which means they can avoid some indoor air quality issues that might occur with a forced air system and they make less noise.
  • Heat pumps. Heat pumps combine the features of a heater and an air conditioner: transferring heat out of the home in the summer time and transferring it inside the wintertime. They are extremely convenient and they heat efficiently. However, they don’t do well in very cold weather, and need to auxiliary heat to keep your home warm on colder winter days.

For more on the pros and cons of common heaters, or to set up an installation schedule, contact the experts at DB Heating & Cooling. We’ll make your heating installation in Waldwick a success!


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