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3 Reasons a Boiler May Be the Way to Go

If it’s time to pick a new heating system to install in your home, don’t let yourself feel too intimidated at the number of options available. The more choices you have, the more likely that there’s one among them that will ideally fit your home, budget, and heating requirements.

“But wait,” you’re thinking, “doesn’t more choices mean I’m also more likely to get the wrong heating system?” That’s a reasonable concern—but you can reduce the chance of making a wrong choice if you have HVAC experts helping you. DB Heating & Cooling is available to assist you when it comes to picking the heater installation that will provide you with the satisfaction you crave.

One heating option we often suggest to our customers is the boiler. Here are 3 reasons we often recommend boiler installation in Oradell, NJ:

1. Fewer repair needs = long lifespan

Because boilers operate through the circulation of hot water around your home, they do not as complicated as furnaces and heat pumps. Most heating troubles happen because of damage and wear to moving parts, so boilers usually have fewer malfunctions that require emergency repair calls in the middle of the night. This reduced wear and tear also means boilers last longer than most other heaters. A boiler that receives proper care should outlast any other heating option you might have installed in your home.

2. Quiet operation

Boilers make almost no noise when they run: no compressors, no motors, no fans to create noise pollution in your home.

3. Clean heat

Boilers provide warmth by sending heated water to radiators and baseboard heaters, raising their temperature. Heat then radiates into your living spaces from these objects. Boilers don’t require forced air or ductwork the way furnaces and heat pumps do, and that means you get heat without dust or other airborne contaminants. This makes boilers ideal for homes with pets or people with allergies.

However, before you run out and purchase a boiler, we need to remind you that every house is different, as is every family. Although boilers are excellent systems that will suit many homes, your home might not be among them. The best way to know you will get the right system is to seek the advice of heating specialists.

DB Heating & Cooling can find out if a boiler installation in Oradell, NJ will suit you. We will then find you the right model and install it so it will work for many years keeping you and your loved ones comfy and safe inside your home. We also offer regular maintenance to help see that your boiler has the longest service life possible.

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