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Benefits of a Ductless HVAC System You May Not Have Thought Of


We offer ductless AC service in Bergen County, NY and Rockland County, NY, and we’ve seen the immense benefits of these systems. They are especially useful for older homes built before central air conditioning systems became common. These vintage homes don’t have ductwork, and although it’s possible to add ducts, running them through attics or in closets, it’s a great deal of work and reduces space in the house. 

With a ductless system, all that has to happen is for us to place air handlers high up on the walls of the rooms and install an outdoor unit that connects to them. It’s an easy process for our professionals and leaves a home with cooling throughout the rooms that’s as good, and sometimes better, than using a central AC.

However, there are other ductless HVAC advantages you might not know about because you’re focused on the big advantage of having central cooling at last. Below are several other great benefits of having an HVAC system installed.

Cooling and Heating

Some manufacturers make “cooling-only” ductless systems, but most are types of heat pumps. These ductless mini split heat pumps can work in both heating and cooling modes. All the ductless system has to do is reverse the direction it circulates refrigerant through the outdoor unit and indoor air handlers to switch from moving heat out of the home and instead moving it in.

Energy Savings

Ductless HVAC systems perform at higher energy efficiency than standard ducted air conditioners and heaters. There are several reasons for this. The lack of ducts means there is no heat loss or heat gain as air travels through the ventilation system. The conditioned air instead comes directly from the air handlers with no chance of losing energy. The air handlers also use smaller motors that consume less power than using one larger indoor blower fan that has to push air into a lengthy network of ducts to get them to the rooms. The zone control capabilities also cut down on costs…

Zone Controls

A zone-controlled HVAC system can have heating or cooling shut off in areas of a house that don’t require it rather than heating and cooling all the rooms at once. Ductless systems come with automatic zoning because each of the air handlers operates separately from the others. You use a remote to turn on and adjust the air handlers for the individual rooms so you don’t have to waste money on empty rooms.

Room Conversions

Even if your home has ducts, you can still make use of a ductless HVAC system. If you want to convert a garage or attic into a living space, you won’t need to make massive changes to the current HVAC system to accommodate. Simply add a ductless mini split to the location and you have heating and cooling.

Targeting Those Hard to Heat and Cool Spots

If there are spots in your house that you just can’t get as cool or warm as you need no matter how you use your ducted HVAC system, you can put in a ductless mini split to provide the extra comfort needed. 

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