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Oil to Gas Conversion: Is it Worth It?

oil-to-gas-conversion-worth-itAlthough we are still dealing with some pretty chilly temperatures, winter is coming to a close in just a couple short weeks. Hopefully, you had no problems with your heating system this season and you were able to warm your living space effectively and affordably.

If you’ve been using an oil-fired system though, chances are your wallet may be hurting a bit. In fact according to the US Energy Information Administration, it costs the average homeowner twice as much to heat their homes with oil versus gas over the course of the winter season.

Is It Time to Consider An Oil to Gas Conversion?

A Franklin Lakes, NJ oil to gas conversion can be costly upfront, and for this reason many homeowners choose not to go this route. However, there are a number of advantages to using natural gas instead of oil, not just in the winter time, but during the rest of the year for your other appliances—such as your water heater.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of utilizing gas rather than oil is the ease of delivery. Unlike oil—which you need a refillable tank for—natural gas is automatically delivered into your home through a network of underground pipes coming from the gas main under your street.

In some cases, a gas line is not available, so homeowners choose oil over electricity—since that too can be costly. However, in most modern neighborhoods there is a main gas line available for you to take advantage of.

Additional Gas Benefits

  • Eco-Friendly: When it comes to choosing a fuel source that won’t hurt the environment, it’s far better to go with natural gas than it is oil. This may seem counterintuitive, but gas actually has far fewer carbon emissions than any other fossil fuel, and produces less dust and odors, improving your living environment as well.
  • Affordable: As we referred to above, you can find yourself paying over twice as much for oil versus natural gas. When you consider all the bills you pay on a monthly basis, this has a significant impact.
  • Flexible: Natural gas is more affordable than electricity, so if you currently have electric appliances, you’ll be able to upgrade to high-efficiency, gas-powered appliances such as a gas stove. Switching to gas gives you access to a main gas line and flexibility that you may not have had before.

Hire a Professional for the Job

There are a number of benefits to using gas-powered appliances versus oil-powered systems. However, these appliances can only work as effectively and safely as they are meant to if your gas lines are professionally installed. Plumbing natural gas into your living space is a complex and potentially hazardous task.

As such, this job should only and always be managed by trained plumbers with experience doing this kind of work. Additionally, it’s very likely that your municipality requires that this type of work be done by licensed professionals.

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