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Keep Your Home and Family Safe with Routine Furnace Maintenance

How much thought do you give to your furnace? Chances are, unless something goes wrong with you, you likely rarely think about your heating system too much—aside from getting the thermostat settings where you want them to be during the heating season.

On one of our most recent inspections, our team found an unsafe furnace. It had shut down due to a cracked heat exchanger. Had the furnace’s safety feature not worked, CO2 could have easily leaked into the home, causing illness or worse. It’s instances such as this that cause us to stress the importance of scheduling maintenance now, if you haven’t already. This ensures that you’ll have more time to enjoy the winter and a greater peace of mind that your heater is safe.

Keeping Your Safety in Mind

Generally speaking, professionally-installed modern natural gas furnaces don’t run into many safety issues anymore, given technological advancements. This does not, however, eliminate all the risk. Any gas-powered furnace can develop a small leak.

Sometimes, a gas leak can be detected via the smell of rotten eggs—a smell added into your gas line by your utility company. But if you are too far away to smell it or if the smell isn’t very strong, you may miss it all together. Letting a gas leak go too long creates obvious fire hazards.

Another commonly undetected risk is a carbon monoxide leak. This is a colorless, odorless gas that can leak through cracks in the heat exchanger of your furnace. Carbon monoxide leaks can create illness or worse.

This information is not meant to scare you, but rather make you aware of the risks that exist and stress the importance of furnace maintenance. Our professionals fully inspect and clean your heater during this appointment, making any necessary adjustments and recommending any repairs that may be needed. Staying on top of your maintenance appointments can certainly lower your risk of having an unsafe heating system.

To schedule professional furnace maintenance in Ramsey, NJ, contact DB Heating & Cooling, Inc today.

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