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Signs That Your Ductwork Is in Need of Repair

Your forced-air heating and cooling systems play a huge role in your life, and actually account for about half of all your energy costs throughout the year, according to As such, it’s only natural that you want to save as much money as you can whenever possible. You cannot do so, however, if you have breached ductwork.

Since your air ducts are mostly hidden from view, it’s natural that you cannot visually inspect them thoroughly. So how will you know when duct repair is necessary? Without regular direct interaction, you may think this is impossible. There are signs though, that you might need duct repairs.

Listen for Signs of Problems

This is one of the few warning signs that exist signaling you need duct repair services. If your ductwork seems to be vibrating or clanging when you use your HVAC system, then they may likely not be secured as they should be. Loose or damaged connections can lead to further damage to the ducts themselves.

Don’t Ignore Increased Allergy Symptoms

When your air ducts are damaged, pollutants from the area surrounding those ducts can be spread throughout your home. This can aggravate respiratory issues, and can lead to increased dust and dirt in your living spaces—aggravating the symptoms of those who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Take Note of Issues with Pests

Nobody likes to think about this, but if you’ve ever had rats in your attic or problems with other types of pests, then you might have dirty or damaged ductwork as a result.

No matter the cause, damaged ductwork is going to leave you paying more than you should have to in order to condition your home.

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