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Is Your Boiler Making These Disconcerting Sounds?

As temperatures drop, you’ve very likely begun to use your boiler system. Hopefully, you didn’t run into any problems when you turned it on. Routine maintenance will reduce the likelihood of a problem occurring, however, no heater is immune to repair needs. A boiler is no exception.

While boilers are generally pretty quiet, every heating system makes some noise during operation. But it’s important to be able to tell the difference between what is a normal operational noise and what is an ominous one. Keep reading to learn about some examples of odd boiler noises and what they could mean.


If you notice a banging or booming during startup, then there might be a problem with delayed ignition if you have a gas-powered system, or an issue with the oil pump if you have an oil-powered system. Either way, this sound is caused by excess fuel igniting tin the combustion chamber, which can make for a dangerous scenario.

Rumbling at Shut Down

If your boiler uses oil, this is most likely the sign of a problematic oil pump. What’s happening is that oil is leaking into the combustion chamber, causing it to take longer to extinguish and creating a rumbling sound in the process.

Bubbling Sound in the Pipes

This is most likely the sign of air trapped within the piping system. Excessive air is removed by bleeding the radiators—a service that our professionals can provide.


A grinding noise of any kind coming from your heater—no matter what type of heating system you have—is a bad sign. In a boiler, this is usually indicative of a ball bearing issue. The ball bearings in your motor need to be properly lubricated to work correctly. If they become dry, then friction causes them to grind. This noise means that you need to shut off your boiler right away and call for repairs.

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