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Is it Time for a New Air Conditioner?

ACAir conditioners don’t last forever. No matter how well you take care of your system, there will come a point where you need to install a new one. If you’re not sure when exactly you should replace your air conditioner, there are a number of ways to tell. The best way is to have a professional take a look at the system for you, as they’ll be the most accurate when it comes to estimating the remaining life in the system. Before you call your technician, though, you can also keep an eye out for the following signs that you need a new air conditioner.

The System is Expensive to Use

The older your air conditioner gets, the more worn out it’s going to become. That wear and tear will start to cause the system to lose efficiency over time. This may not be noticeable at first. The closer the system gets to the end of its life, though, the harder it’s going to have to work to keep your home cool. This will eventually start to cause your monthly operating costs to rise pretty quickly. If your air conditioner is costing more to operate on a monthly basis than you think it should, then it might be time to install a new system.

Your Air Conditioner is Breaking Down Frequently

Air conditioners break down every once in a while, of course. No system is perfect, and sometimes you just have bad luck. However, you really shouldn’t need to repair your air conditioner more than once every few years. if you do, then it’s an indication that something more serious is wrong with the system. Older air conditioners can need repairs up to several times per year, as the parts inside them begin to fail due to years of wear and tear. This is obviously incredibly inconvenient, not to mention expensive. If your air conditioner is breaking down that frequently, it’s best that you talk to a professional about installing a new one.

The Air Conditioner is Older Than 15

The average air conditioner tends to go about 10-15 years before needing to be replaced. This isn’t because the system permanently breaks down, necessarily, but because the cost of using a system that old makes it not worth keeping. The air conditioner will accumulate more and more issues the older it gets, many of which will be chronic. This will make the system significantly more expensive to operate. If your system is older than 15, you would very likely be better off replacing it this season than continuing to use it through the summer. If you’re not sure, though, we highly recommend talking to a technician about it before you make any permanent decisions.

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