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Beware These Common End-of-Summer AC Issues

We recently discussed how now is the best time to get your heating system maintenance done. But with temperatures soaring as of recently, you may still be putting your AC system through a lot of use. And with the cooling season just about over, you probably aren’t giving much thought to repairing the system if something goes wrong.

However, as your air conditioner has been working hard the last few months, you want to be aware of some common late season Wyckoff, NJ AC repair issues you might run into during these final weeks of use. Keep reading to learn more about these common issues and remember to take good care of your AC system!

A Frozen Evaporator Coil

You may be wondering how exactly a coil could ice over when outdoor temperatures are still so warm. This freezing phenomenon, however, has nothing to do with cooler temperatures. Rather, it is a sign of a system malfunction.

Your evaporator coil, ideally, becomes very cold as refrigerant absorbs heat from the air in your home. If there’s not enough warm air continuing to move over it however, it will freeze up. This can happen as the result of a dirty filter, a broken fan motor, or—more commonly—a refrigerant leak (which needs to be repaired right away).

A Broken Capacitor

Your air conditioner’s capacitors are electronic components that help your system start up and keep running. The starting capacitor supplies just the right amount of energy to your AC so it can run. If it shorts out or otherwise malfunctions, your air conditioner will likely fail to start all together. Thankfully, it’s typically an inexpensive replacement part, however you’re less likely to deal with this at all if you keep your system properly maintained.

Emergency System Shut Down

Hopefully you’ll never have to deal with this type of emergency. However, if you have a system that is over a decade old that hasn’t been properly maintained, and you’ve noticed troubling symptoms this summer, then you could very well face a full system shut down. The best thing you can do for your system right now is have it checked out, and determine if a system replacement might be in your future before the next cooling season.

Whatever your heating and cooling needs are in Rockland, NY or in the Bergen County, NJ area, you can count on DB Heating & Cooling, Inc for expert services.  Contact us today!

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