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These Are the Steps Taken During Heater Maintenance

As we mentioned in a recent blog post, the time has come to at least start considering if your heating system is in the best shape possible, by scheduling a heater maintenance appointment. This is a service that is often neglected, however very important. After all, you wouldn’t skip a maintenance appointment with your vehicle, right? So why should your home comfort system be any different? It’s imperative that you schedule heating maintenance at least once a year.

Professional heater tune-ups keep your heating system functioning as efficiently as possible, and may even reduce the potential for larger repair needs later on down the line. Be sure to contact our technicians for a comprehensive inspection and cleaning, and also to find out how this service can save you money. Keep reading below to learn more about what steps our technicians take during this service.


During your heater maintenance, our professionals will fully inspect your system, looking to any potential risks that can threaten the performance of your unit and/or the safety of your property. It’s during this inspection that we’ll inform you of anything in need of repair, so that you can schedule additional services now instead of waiting until it becomes a larger, more costly problem.


Occasionally, there will be components of your heating system that need adjusting as they’ve accumulated wear and tear over the years. For example, you might have a bent flame sensor, or perhaps a loose panel or a damaged heat pump coil. If even one component is having issues, the rest of your system can start to struggle, causing it to become overworked and possibly even break down.


This is another vital part of heating system maintenance. If the components of your heater are dirty, they can’t operate as they should. For instance, what if a coil in your heat pump is blocked by a layer of dust? It could be rendered incapable of absorbing heat from the outside air. Or if a burner is dirty, it might not be able to generate heat as it should.

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