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Avoid These Furnace Problems This Winter

Although our temperatures are still relatively mild, in just a couple of days it will officially be fall, and with the season change will come cooler temperatures, particularly at night. When our weather does get cold enough for you to use your heater, you’ll want to ensure it’s ready to do its job. The best way to do this is by scheduling furnace maintenance before you need to actually use your system.

Without proper maintenance, you can run into a few different problems with your furnace, especially with the air handlers. Keep reading to learn more about the issues that can develop and why it’s important to have one of our trained technicians handle any repair needs your furnace may have.

Worn Out or Broken Belts

In order to maintain appropriate airflow, your blower must rotate at the rate it was designed to. Your system’s fan belt is an integral part of this process, so if it becomes loose or breaks, then it needs to be replaced ASAP. Degrading belts typically make a screeching noise, so be sure to give us a call should you hear this sound.

Fan Blade Issues

Over the years, fan blades can become loose or broken during use. Fans can still operate with a bent or broken blade. However, the damage could impact other components of your furnace and result in expensive system repairs later on.

Motor Problems

Furnace motors are susceptible to overheating, experiencing electrical problems, or losing lubrication over time—particularly if maintenance is skipped. Many times, a fan motor can simply be repairs, although in more serious cases this component may need to be replaced.

Electrical Trouble

Electrical problems can happen when there’s a failed relay, frayed or corroded wiring, or a stuck limit switch. It can be challenging and even potentially unsafe for the untrained eye to find an electrical issue, so be sure to contact our heating professionals to assist.

Contact DB Heating & Cooling, Inc today for your Ramsey, NJ furnace repair and maintenance. Whatever your heating needs are in the Bergen County, NJ and the Rockland, NY areas, you can count on our team for expert services!

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