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Why You Should Consider an Upgraded Thermostat

We are getting closer and closer to the winter cold, and many homeowners are turning their attention to keeping heating costs low. It’s great to have an efficient heating system, ceiling fans and supplemental heat like a wood stove, but if you haven’t upgraded your home’s thermostat in Franklin Lakes, NJ, you are losing out on a great way to reduce your energy usage. The experts from DB Heating & Cooling, Inc., can help you find and install the right thermostat so that you have the ultimate control over your heating this winter.

Why Is a New Thermostat Important?

Even if you are the most conscientious homeowner who always remembers to turn your heating down every time you leave your home, you are still losing out if you are using a dial or slide thermostat. Why? Because at the very least, you can’t set an exact temperature. Dial or slide thermostats typically designate degrees in ranges of five, so you are aiming for a number rather than hitting it exactly. This may not seem like a lot until you consider that every degree you are missing is costing you upwards of 3% of your annual heating costs. This won’t happen with a digital thermostat.

And what are the odds that you will remember to turn the heat down every time you leave your home? It’s hard to remember when rushing out the door in the mornings to get to work or school – but not with a programmable thermostat. You won’t have to worry about remembering with a thermostat you can program – it will happen automatically!

Lastly, if you want all of the above, but also the ability to check on your home’s heating (and cooling) while you are at work, at the grocery store or waiting for coffee, you can do so with a smart thermostat. All you have to do is have a smart device, and you’ll be able to change your heating, track your energy usage and manage your entire HVAC system.

You stand to gain better energy efficiency, better comfort, better control and less stress on your heating system when you upgrade your home’s thermostat. Call us today!

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