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Why Isn’t My Radiator Working?

A number of homes in the Allendale, NJ area enjoy the gentle radiant heat of a boiler system. In older homes, radiators are used frequently to disperse the heat. But if you have ever experienced a radiator malfunctioning, you know how cold that room can get. Radiators aren’t the most complicated part of a boiler heating system, but they are very important as they deliver the heat you need. If you have a radiator that isn’t working properly, there can be a few reasons for this:

  • Leaks inside the radiator – your radiator has metal piping inside it through which the hot water or steam flows. Sometimes cracks can develop inside the radiator through which the hot water or steam leaks. It can be difficult to find and repair these leaks; sometimes the leak can be fixed, other times it may be necessary to replace the radiator. But a leak can cause a reduction or loss of heating, so this is something our technician will look for.
  • Air lock – air lock occurs when an air bubble forms inside the piping of your boiler system. If there is an air bubble in the pipe leading to a specific radiator, or in the metal pipe inside your radiator, it will block any water or steam that would normally flow through. Your technician can remove the air bubble by depressurizing the pipe and allowing the bubble to move through and dissolve.
  • Problem with a circulator pump – a boiler that heats using hot water has a series of circulating pumps that push the water forward into the different radiators. If you have several radiators on the same pipe that aren’t working, odds are there’s an issue with the circulating pump.

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