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How Does Zone Air Conditioning Work in a Centralized System

Friday, May 16th, 2014

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, you may have heard the term “zone control system” batted around. Or you may have seen a modular zone control system, with multiple small units placed in different rooms of a given house. Zone control systems offer the benefit of fine tuning your environment – setting one temperature in the kitchen and another in the living room for example – but if you own a centralized air conditioner, you may have thought that zone control isn’t compatible with your system. Nothing could be further from the truth. Upgrades exist that let you retrofit your central system with zone controls, allowing you to set different temperatures in different rooms and even turn off the air in parts of the house you aren’t using. If you’re looking into zone air conditioning, Waldwick has the services you need.

How does zone air conditioning work in a centralized system?

Your centralized system relies on a series of ducts to transport the cooled air. The ducts branch out from the unit itself to cover every room in your home, using hidden areas like the attic or crawlspace to hold them. When you upgrade to a zone control system, the technician installs a series of valves and controls at each junction to the ductwork, along with thermostats in each room to control whether the valves are open or closed. With them in place, you can achieve the same effect as ductless zone control systems, guiding the cool air where it needs to go or cutting it off from rooms you aren’t using. As a result, the air conditioner wastes less energy and allows you to tailor the temperature to suit individual comfort levels.

If you know how zone air conditioning works in a centralized system, you know how important it is to contact a qualified technician to install it. And if you’re interested in a centralized version of zone air conditioning, Waldwick has an answer with the experts at DB Heating & Cooling.

Give the zone air conditioning experts at DB Heating & Cooling a call today to set up a consultation and let us show you what we can do!

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