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Does Your Furnace Need Replacement?

Monday, December 26th, 2016

The furnaces manufactured today have the potential to last for many years, so long as they are properly taken care of—this means keeping up on repairs as well as your annual maintenance appointments to prevent emergencies. However, no matter how well you care for your heating system, no furnace is going to last forever. At some point, you will need a new one.

It’s important to recognize when the time comes. This way you can purchase a replacement long before your system completely fails on you. Read on to discover some of the signs that it is in fact time for a furnace replacement.

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What to Look for in a New Furnace

Monday, December 19th, 2016

With winter officially starting later this week, you are hopefully already well equipped with a highly functional heating system. However, if you’ve recently found yourself in need of a new heater, then it’s important to know exactly what to look for rather than rushing out and getting the first one you see or matches your budget.

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What to Consider Prior to Your Furnace Installation in Bergen County

Monday, September 30th, 2013

If you’re thinking of having a furnace installed in your home, either to replace an older system or because you have a new house, then you want to get moving before the cold weather arrives. It’s smart to take advantage of the early fall to install your home’s new furnace, but you need to take a moment to consider a few factors that will help make the installation successful. A new furnace requires a large investment in time and resources; make certain you’ve thought through what you’re planning to do.

If you need help preparing for a new furnace, consult with the experts at DB Heating & Cooling. We can address all your questions, as well as perform the installation when it’s time.

Is a furnace the best choice?

If you decided to get a furnace because you’ve had one before, take some time to consider the other heating options that may work better for you. There are more types of heaters available today than ever before, and one of them might do a more efficient job heating your home. Heat pumps and boilers offer both advantages and disadvantages. An HVAC expert can help you determine if a furnace is the right way to go, or if another choice might give you improved heating and energy savings.

What size furnace will I need?

It’s crucial that you get a furnace that can evenly heat up your home. Too small, and the furnace won’t give you adequate heat. Too large, and it will short cycle and age rapidly. Have a professional perform a heat load calculation that will evaluate numerous facts about your home, from square footage to the amount of windows, to give you an exact idea of how large a furnace you need to keep you warm and your heating system healthy.

Who should install the furnace?

If you thought you might handle the installation yourself, or have a friend with some experience take on the job, think again. Furnace installation is a huge, complex task, and any errors can lead to poor operation and malfunctions. It will cost you far more in the future, offsetting any savings you get from an amateur job. Find a heating company with a proven track record and trained technicians who will get the installation done right the first time.

DB Heating & Cooling is one of the top Bergen County furnace installation companies. We offer all kinds of services to help you with any heating needs. Call us if you want to get started on installation, or if you just have questions.

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Waldwick Heating Guide: Comparing High-Efficiency and Mid-Efficiency Furnaces

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Whenever you are in the market for a new furnace for your Waldwick home, there are many models to choose from.  Many of the furnaces manufactured within the last few years are high-efficiency furnaces with a high AFUE rating (AFUE measures the amount of fuel the furnace converts into heat). When people refer to a mid-efficiency furnace, they are usually talking about older furnaces.

Single-stage furnaces were considered to be an efficient heating system when they were manufactured, but compared to newer furnaces, they use up a lot more energy than they need to. Single-speed furnaces are designed to run at full capacity until the temperature inside the home reaches the thermostat setting. After they shut off, the home not only loses heat, but the furnace will also take longer and burn more fuel when it cycles on again.

Newer, two-speed and multispeed models run consistently at lower speeds, and the ones with variable-speed blowers are even more efficient because they can operate at various levels. These models will also automatically adjust to the thermostat to maintain a constant temperature, which saves energy by keeping the home at a consistent temperature so that there’s little heat loss.

When shopping for a new furnace, keep in mind that the AFUE ratings for multispeed and variable-speed furnaces only determine the efficiency of the actual furnace. If you are upgrading your old, mid-efficiency furnace to a high-efficiency furnace, you should make sure that your Waldwick home is properly insulated and sealed.  You could also consider upgrading any older doors and windows to more efficient double-paned ones, or you can also install storm doors and windows.

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