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What’s Involved in Duct Cleaning?

In the U.S., people spend on average 85% of their time indoors. Unfortunately, the quality of indoor air has dropped over the last half century as homes and buildings become more sealed against energy loss. The same stale air circulates through ventilation systems, and soon dust, dirt, and other unpleasant contamination builds up inside ductwork.

This is why regular duct cleaning is so important. It helps eliminate this major region of pollutants that gathers in a home and contributes to lowering the quality of the air its residents breathe. Duct cleaning provides other benefits as well, such as taking stress away from air conditioners and heaters by allowing air to flow easier through the ductwork.

Duct cleaning is a skilled job that requires professionals. Call DB Heating & Cooling to schedule duct cleaning in Bergen County from an experienced indoor air quality team.

How professional duct cleaning is done

The basic concept behind cleaning an extensive ventilation system in a home where most of the ducts are difficult to access is to use a power vacuum to change the pressure within the ducts. This dislodges contaminants from the duct walls, and then the vacuum uses suction to draw them out of the system. To do this job, professionals seal up all the vent registers in a house to close off the ductwork, then attach an enormous power vacuum onto the HVAC system where it leaves the air conditioner/heater.

Duct cleaning can also target specific places within the ducts that have more serious levels of dirt buildup using agitation equipment and smaller vacuums. The technicians remove vent registers and send in special rotary brushes to scrape away ground-in dust and dirt without damaging the duct walls. Special ductwork vacuums then suction away the loose particles.

During duct cleaning, technicians take note of any serious issues within the ducts, such as leaks or the development of potentially dangerous molds and biological growths. After they finish the cleaning, they can recommend repairs or the installation of UV germicidal lights to treat these situations and make sure the ducts are in the best condition possible.

How often should I schedule duct cleaning?

If more than two years have gone by since you had your last duct cleaning—or if you can’t remember ever having duct cleaning—you need to call professionals right away. In general, homes will benefit from a cleaning every two years, although it depends on the level of dust and dirt that enters the home. Some houses need it more often, some less. Your duct cleaners will help you find out how frequently your home should have the work done.

Call us to learn more about how we can provide your home with healthier air.

DB Heating & Cooling offers a number of services to help you achieve better indoor air quality in Bergen County, from duct cleaning to humidifier/dehumidifier installation.

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