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The Benefits of Energy Management Systems

When you run a business, you keep a closer eye on your finances than you will almost anything else. Among the various costs to run your company, you may think that the energy required to operate the building is an inflexible one and unlikely to change unless your company undergoes some radical shift. But there are ways you can improve your business’ energy consumption through a centralized device: an energy management system (EMS).

Our staff at DB Heating & Cooling is familiar with energy management systems, since we’ve been installing them in New Jersey for many years. We have seen the enormous benefits an EMS can bring to a company, and the level of control it grants for reducing and stabilizing energy use. If you wish to know more details about energy management systems in Bergen County, NJ from people who have worked closely with them, contact our commercial staff today.

Advantages that energy management systems can provide

First, to answer the basic question, “What is an energy management system?” An EMS is a device that centralizes all the powered systems that run a building. An Internet-based system is installed over TCP/UP or EIA-485 with peer-to-peer communication. From one location, you can access security, lighting, and the HVAC systems and monitor their operation, and, most importantly, their energy use. You can also choose during installation if you want to be able to access the EMS from multiple locations.

The major benefit of a commercial energy management system is a reduction in energy costs. Through centralization, you can see the building’s full electrical load and how much each individual system contributes to it. This allows you to rapidly pinpoint places where energy is going to waste, such as needless lighting or a malfunctioning commercial HVAC system. You can discover where the placement of high efficiency lighting upgrades will benefit you the most. For older buildings, an EMS will point out where you need to update older equipment that is placing a significant drain on power.

An EMS is also an effective tool at creating a more smooth operation of the building. It’s easy to locate faults in systems and schedule repairs and maintenance. Most of the guesswork and additional effort it would require to monitor electrical systems, the heating and cooling, and security individually to find where repairs are necessary vanishes thanks to the centralization of an EMS.

For an EMS to effectively work, it must have professional and skilled installation that will set up both the central hardware and the monitoring for each of the systems you want integrated. The installers will tailor the EMS to your specific needs—no two commercial buildings and companies are alike, so no two energy management systems will be alike either.

Although an EMS is a complicated device, you can place all the hard work in the dependable hands of DB Heating & Cooling.

Call DB Heating & Cooling today to speak with our team and to get started with the benefits of energy management systems in Bergen County, NJ.

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