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When to Schedule Boiler Repair

One of the reasons that boilers have remained perennially popular as a way to heat homes is that they have a remarkable durability. Because boilers use only a few moving mechanical parts, they resist the wear and tear that systems such as furnaces and heat pumps encounter. With the proper care, boilers can last a full generation with only a few repair needs.

Repairs, however, sometimes are necessary, even with a boiler that receives regular preventive maintenance. No matter how hardy a boiler you have, you need to schedule repairs for it the moment it shows any sign that it needs them. Here’s a list of times when you should definitely call for boiler repair in Bergen County, NJ. Contact DB Heating & Cooling for fast service, any time of the day or night.

You notice corrosion or rust on the tank or other components

Boilers have precautions against corrosion, such as a anode rod atop the tank. But rust and corrosion can still occur in the system, and if you see signs of rust on the outside of the tank or on any of the exterior components, you need to have the issue addressed immediately. Likely, the corrosion has started to develop elsewhere, and it needs to be stopped and remedied before you are forced to replace the whole tank.

You discover leaking

Leaking of any kind from your boiler—from pipes, connectors, valves, under the tank—means a serious problem is occurring. There are a number of causes for leaks, but all of them require repairs as soon as possible.

You hear rumbling noises from the tank

Boilers operate quietly; it’s another one of their advantages. So any strange, loud noises are usually a sign of a malfunction. The most alarming noise is a rumbling sound from the water tank. This could be from a mixing of cold water with hot water because of a leaky valve, or it might be the water overheating. Call for repairs to discover the cause and fix it before greater damage occurs.

Make sure you get the long life from your boiler that you should. Don’t hesitate about scheduling repairs, and don’t rely on amateur work. Contact DB Heating & Cooling: we are fully insured and EPA-certified, and our technicians have the knowledge to get your boiler back to its regular operation. We are here for all your needs for boiler repair in Bergen County, NJ.

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