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How Can I Keep My Heater as Reliable as Possible?

To make it through a New Jersey winter, you need to have a heating system you can depend on to keep you warm without malfunctions or abrupt shutdowns. There are few things worse than having to spend a few chilly hours waiting for repair technicians to come to your home (on a day when they are likely already busy with numerous emergency calls) to service a broken heater.

We have some tips on how you can help your heater work reliably for you during this winter season. For more assistance with your heating system, including expert repairs and maintenance, contact DB Heating & Cooling—24 hours a day, 7 days of the week.

Tips for reliable heating in Waldwick, NJ

  • Schedule repairs the moment you need them: If you notice a minor malfunction in your heating system—a few cold rooms, a strange noise from your furnace cabinet, rust spots on your boiler, or odd smells from the vents—don’t simply shrug it off or delay repairs until something more serious occurs. Trust to our experience in this field: the problem will not get better on its own. Your heater will soon start to develop far worse troubles if you don’t have the issue repaired professionally.
  • Prevent your heater from overworking: The best way to stop your heater from developing the stress that will lead to breakdowns is to make sure your house is well-insulated with all potential heat leaks sealed (weather stripping around doors, windows caulked, effective attic insulation). The better your house traps heat, the less work the heater will need to do to maintain a comfortable temperature. Also refrain from turning the thermostat up too high: keep in mind that the thermostat is a switch, not a throttle, so turning the heat up to 90°F won’t warm your home faster; it will make the heater work longer to reach the target temperature. Keep the thermostat set to lower temperatures, such as 68°F, and put on an extra layer of clothes.
  • Schedule regular preventive maintenance: Your heater needs to receive annual check-ups to see that all its components are working properly and not suffering from too much wear or possible repair needs. During maintenance, a technician will tune-up your heater so that it will continue to perform efficiently, and also make any repairs necessary to ward off possible malfunctions and breakdowns. Routine maintenance is the surest way to keep your heater reliable.

DB Heating & Cooling offers maintenance programs customized for each home; we’ll find the best way to protect your heating in Waldwick, NJ all through the winter. We can also take care of any repairs, whether preventive or emergency, to make your house warm and cozy once more.

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