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The Steps of Professional Furnace Maintenance

Maintaining your heating system is important for its energy efficiency, longevity and providing the heating you need through the winter. There are multiple tasks involved with a professional furnace maintenance appointment in Bergen County, and we’ll outline some of them here. To truly benefit from maintenance, it’s important to always hire trained professionals. Let the specialists at DB Heating & Cooling get your furnace in great shape for this winter – schedule a maintenance appointment today.

What Happens During a Routine Maintenance Appointment?

DB Heating & Cooling tailors every maintenance appointment to fit our clients’ homes and heating systems. But there are some basic tasks that are always performed, as outlined below:

  • Safety check (to check for leaking fumes) You say that these are always performed, but it seems like many of these are specific to gas furnaces, not applicable to electric furnaces
  • Cleaning/replacing of air filter
  • Check and test combustion chamber/heat exchanger
  • Clean burner compartment/firebox
  • Check pilot safety timing or flame sensor
  • Inspect burner flame to ensure proper mix of air and fuel
  • Ensure that the chimney vents properly
  • Check all motors and belts
  • Lubricate all moving parts

Why Conduct Heating Maintenance?

The benefits of maintenance can carry you through the whole winter:

  • Better energy efficiency – when your furnace is dirty and worn it can’t run as well as it should. During maintenance, it will be cleaned, lubricated and adjusted, so that all the components and your system work optimally.
  • Longevity – an ill-maintained heating system is one that will age prematurely due to operating under stress. When your system is kept in good working order, it operates normally, which helps it extend it lifespan.
  • Prevents repairs – the EPA estimates that a heating system that is well-maintained can reduce its incidence of repair up to 30%. This is because your system runs optimally, and also because your technician will be able to detect any existing or developing problems, and repair them as needed.

Fall offers a great time frame to schedule maintenance for your furnace in Bergen County.

If you haven’t had your heating system professionally maintained in more than 12 months, call DB Heating & Cooling today and schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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