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Oradell, NJ Heating Tip: How to Tell if Your Heater Is Too Large

It may seem that no heater is too big for the job of keeping your home warm during a New Jersey winter. After all, isn’t it better to err on the side of a more powerful heater rather than one that’s too small and won’t keep your house comfortable? Not necessarily. A heating system that’s too large for your home can create numerous problems and cause a drain on your energy bill due to inefficient operation.

Look over this list of warning signals that you may have an oversized heater. If you experience issues with heating in Oradell, NJ, call DB Heating & Cooling for help determining the cause.

Short cycles: A heater that is producing too much warmth for a small space will cycle on and off too rapidly. Regardless of what kind of system you use to heat your home, if it is constantly shutting on and off it will be inefficient and risk wearing down faster, requiring repairs or even replacement in the future. If you think your heater is short cycling, get an expert to take a look at it.

Short cycling can also lead to poor heat distribution. Your heater will heat up the available space too fast. If you discover that certain parts of your home are not getting warm enough even though the heater seems to be working normally, the problem could be a system so large that it isn’t spending sufficient time producing warmth that will reach all parts of your home.

Increased energy bills: Whether gas or electricity powers your heating system, if you notice bills that are far above what you think you should be paying, the fault may lie with an inefficient, oversized heater.

There is no easy way to gauge what the correct heater size for your home is. More factors come into play aside from square footage: insulation and the space available for installation are also important considerations. Get an expert to determine what heating system is the best fit for your living space.

When it comes to heating in Oradell, NJ, trust to the highly-trained staff at DB Heating & Cooling to find the best solution for you.

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