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Does an Electric Furnace Need As Much Maintenance as a Gas Heater?

technician-servicing-furnaceA number of homeowners in our area choose an electric furnace over a gas-powered system due to their convenience and flexibility. After all, practically all homes are wired for electricity, so electric furnaces are a reliable option for any homeowner. They’re also a bit safer than gas furnaces since there are no hazards from toxic or combustible gases. That’s not to say that gas furnaces are inherently dangerous–just that this is a reason that many homeowners choose an electric furnace!

Electric furnaces do tend to be less cost-efficient when it comes to month-to-month utility bills, but their current technology is far superior to what it once was, making electricity a competitive option for reduced energy use. The biggest benefit of an electric furnace as your home heating choice is its longevity and durability. Typically, an electric furnace can last up to 10 years longer than a gas furnace and need fewer repairs over the years.

However, this doesn’t mean they don’t need service! Just like a gas furnace, an electric furnace needs careful professional maintenance to prevent repair needs and keep the system running smoothly for the years to come. Read on to learn why!

What Happens When You Neglect Maintenance

In addition to inefficient operation, neglecting maintenance could leave you with more repair needs than you otherwise would have had for your electric furnace. If you want to avoid unnecessary repair needs, the best thing you can do for your system is to have professional maintenance scheduled once a year.

The Role of Electric Furnace Maintenance in Preventing Repair Needs

Electric furnaces operate through resistance heating. This means that power runs through the coils of the system’s heating elements inside the cabinet, making them hot. This in turn heats up the air, which is then blown out through the ductwork.

The only difference this has from a gas furnace is that it’s using electrical power rather than combustion gases to heat the heat exchangers. And so, just like with a gas furnace, the heating elements are put under a lot of strain. Wear and tear over the years can lead to them burning out and ceasing to operate. During professional maintenance, our technicians thoroughly inspect the heating elements to ensure that none of them need repair or adjustment.

Our professionals will also inspect the entire electrical system that powers your furnace in order to make adjustments and any tightening that’s needed. This helps fend off potential electrical failures in the further that could otherwise shut down your entire system.

Another crucial part of your electric furnace that our technicians check out is the air handler. The blower fan is tasked with sending the heated air from the cabinet into your ductwork, and this is located in the air handler. We’ll ensure that the motors are lubricated and clean, and that none of the electrical capacitors are nearing failure.

This is just part of what happens during electrical furnace maintenance, and these steps help keep your system performing as efficiently and effectively as possible, for as long as possible!

When you need expert service on your electric furnace in Westwood, NJ, look no further than DB Heating & Cooling. Contact us today! 

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