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4 Things to Check Before Calling for Heating Repair

When your heater breaks down, you hope there’s something you can do to keep from paying a service charge to a technician. However, most of the time, attempting to fix the heater on your own could be unsafe and it may be much more hassle than it’s worth. Calling a friendly local technician who knows what to do is well worth the cost—but not if there’s something simple you could have checked out first.

The Circuit Breaker

Don’t forget to check your circuit breaker to make sure that your furnace hasn’t tripped it. It may be a simple fix, but keep in mind that if the heater frequently trips the circuit breaker, there is something wrong.

Your Gas Company

Make sure that your gas is still turned on! It’s happened before; homeowners have called their local technicians only to find out that the gas is turned off and there’s nothing the technician can do. You’ll need your gas company to restore service to your home if you miss a payment.

The Thermostat

Of course, you probably checked the thermostat a couple of times. But there might be something you missed. Make sure that it’s not accidentally stuck in the fan mode, that it doesn’t need batteries, and that a guest hasn’t accidentally changed the temperature or put it in cooling mode.

The Air Filter

An air filter that is too clogged cannot let the right amount of air into the furnace. This means that your furnace will struggle to keep you warm, which could be the reason for a drop in temperatures. In fact, if it’s forced to work too hard, a dirty air filter could cause the system to shut down completely. You could try changing the air filter, if it looks dirty, and seeing if this makes a difference.

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