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24 Hour Emergency Service


3 Ways You Can Avoid Heating Emergencies

At DB Heating & Cooling, we consider offering 24-hour emergency service a basic part of our job. We know that when heating emergencies strike, they won’t choose a time when it’s convenient for you. If your heater breaks down on Sunday at 6 pm during a cold snap, you don’t want to wait until business opens at 9 am on Monday to reach someone who can help. We have our technicians ready whenever your heater fails so you won’t have to wait long in the cold.

Of course, nobody wants to call late at night about a heating emergency. We have some advice on how you can avoid emergency failures with your heating in Oradell, NJ. With a bit of precaution, you can keep calls for repairs to a minimum.

  1. Schedule regular maintenance: We put this one first because it is the #1 way to keep your heater running—no matter if it’s a furnace heat pump, or boiler—with few repairs. Regular maintenance is sometimes called preventive maintenance because it prevents repairs and breakdowns. A technician comes to your home and inspects your heating system to find where it needs adjustments and cleaning. After your annual visit, you’ll have a heater running with less stress and a reduced danger of suffering malfunctions and a breakdown.
  2. Leap on minor repairs quickly: Most major breakdowns start with smaller malfunctions and warning signs. These include strange noises from the cabinet, odd smells from the vents, uneven warmth and cold spots, and sudden rises in energy costs. If you think something is going wrong with your heater, schedule routine repairs so that you won’t have to scramble for the phone at 3 am one night.
  3. Do not overstress the heater: Too often we’ve seen homeowners push their thermostat up to its top setting because they think this will lead to better comfort faster. It doesn’t. The higher setting will make the heater work longer to reach the target temperature, and you’ll end up with a dry, stuffy house. Worse, you’ll put tremendous strain on the heater that could lead to an emergency breakdown. Keep the temperature on the thermostat down at a lower level that you find comfortable and keep it there. We recommend starting at 72°F during waking hours and make necessary adjustments from there.

You can’t avoid all emergencies

Even the best care and maintenance can’t stop all emergencies. If you need that late-night help for your heating in Oradell, NJ, contact our staff at DB Heating & Cooling. You can also sign up for maintenance with our expert technicians.

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