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The Reversing Valve and Heat Pump Repair

What is the best advantage a heat pump offers a homeowner? Is it the energy saving in heating mode, the ease with which it hooks up to a pre-existing ductwork system, or its safe operation? Those are all excellent benefits, but we think most homeowners would answer that a heat pump’s #1 advantage is that it provides both heating and cooling. Two comfort solutions combined into one convenient package. Changing from one mode to the other only requires adjusting the thermostat.

The component in a heat pump that allows the unit to act as both a heater and an air conditioner is called the reversing valve. If the reversing valve malfunctions, your heat pump will remain stuck in one mode or the other, and you’ll lose its best benefit. But with the help of DB Heating & Cooling and our Emerson, NJ heat pump repair technicians, you can have your heat pump back to full operation in no time at all.

The reversing valve: why it is so important

A heat pump works in the same manner as a standard air conditioner: a chemical blend called refrigerant moves through a closed loop in the system, shifting through a process of evaporation (absorbing heat) and condensation (releasing heat). This moves heat from one location to another. An air conditioner can only run this process a single direction, moving heat from indoors to the outdoors.

A heat pump can reverse the refrigerant’s direction, causing the unit to move heat from outdoors to the indoors. The reversing valve, which sits on the refrigerant line, takes care of this task. In agitated state (an electric charge runs to the valve) it moves refrigerant one direction. In relaxed state (no electric charge) it moves it the other direction. The manufacturer sets which state applies to which mode.

Like any electro-mechanical device, a reversing valve can fail. If you discover that your heat pump remains in one mode no matter how you set it, then it is likely the reversing valve has broken. This isn’t an issue you can repair yourself. A professional will need to come to your home, open the cabinet of the heat pump, and remove the valve from the refrigerant line to replace it with a new working unit.

Keep your heat pump working its best for you

A heat pump is the comfort system for all seasons… and make sure you keep it yours that way with prompt repairs when it shows signs of trouble. When you need heat pump repair in Emerson, NJ, call the experts at DB Heating & Cooling.

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